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Globe TM TunnelCat HTTP Puncher - Android/Windows/Linux


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May 25, 2018
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TunnelCat HTTP Puncher is an HTTP tunneling service wherein it uses HTTP punching methods to bypass firewalls.
This is a part of the TunnelCat Browser to be released this summer.

First of all, I'll be providing a limited account here every day to access the service.
First come first serve.
I will be posting multiple accounts in the reply section and it will be valid for 1 day and can be used only by 3 users per account, dito lang ako mag popost ng account sa PHCorner.

But this is not a free service due to hosting restrictions and server processing fees, I use a high-performance server to craft packets and send packets to the client.
Sorry if I cannot open this service for free for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions:
80% as this can transmit data at high speed, using mobile data I can transmit data at speed of 50mbps DL/8mbps UL.
On the client, you may receive EOF on server response which means firewall filtered the traffic before going back to you, but you can refresh the page

This is only a proxy service, It means you cant play online games and download torrent.

Large Downloads?
Yes! you can download large files but this depends on your internet downloader. This designed for heavy downloading up to 1gbps on the test

Is this compatible with Netflix or YôùTùbé?
Yes! You can stream without buffering but it depends on your internet speed. You can even watch live videos on Facebook

How to set my proxy?
The app automatically sets your system proxy on connect but if it doesn't read these instructions on how to set up a proxy:
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Not working, stuck on login or no browse but connected to TunnelCat Server?
Restart your internet connection by changing APN, airplane mode or restarting your phone/modem.

Android stucked on connecting.
Try to airplane mode on/off, sometimes you need to restart your device
Windows GUI (written in Python):
Current Version: 0.1
Download here:
Download GUI (Windows):
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Extract then navigate to the app folder and run the app.exe (RUN IT AS ADMINISTRATOR).
The GUI is written in Python so it's heavy. GUI written in C# will be published ASAP

Download CLI (Windows):
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Download Android APK (v0.1.3):
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Huawei Modem (arm):
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Linux (x86 and arm):
(on the testing process)
Known Bugs
1. opening https sites are a bit slower than usual depends on your CPU
2. client respond nothing occasionally (just refresh the page) this happens because of TLS transaction is blocked by the firewall.
CLI Usage:
Disable Stabilizer (not-recommended)
-host string
Server Host (default "")
-pass string
Password (required)
-port int
Server Port (default 8888)
-proxy string
HTTP Puncher Server [host:_port] (required)
-stabilizer-lim int
Stabilizer Packet Limit (default 8)
-user string
Username (required)

Example Usage:
tcat-pclient -proxy puncher.tcat.me:5555 -user username -pass password -port 8888
For CLI version of the app these are the TunnelCat HTTP Puncher server list that you can use:
Auto Detect (Latency Based):
Free Server (Singapore):
Asia (Singapore):
Asia (Japan):
United States:

Make sure you use the domain, as direct IP will not work and it will be unstable.
Step by step tutorial for newbies and nahihirapan sa GUI kasi ayaw gumana sa kanila or 32bit user ka (Windows):
1. Install Proxifier from You must register or login to view this. and download CLI from above URL.
2. Extract the .zip file
3. Double click run-client.bat
4. Enter your credentials
5. Once connected, double click "Enable TunnelCat Proxy.ppx"
6. Surf the internet
Having problems with download using your browser?
Use multi threaded downloader (IDM) or disable the stabilizer by adding "-disable-stabilizer" or make stabilizer accept more packets "-stabilizer-lim 16" on CLI version (version 0.1.1 and up) only.

tcat-pclient -proxy puncher.tcat.me:5555 -user username -pass password -disable-stabilizer
tcat-pclient -proxy puncher.tcat.me:5555 -user username -pass password -stabilizer-lim 16
How to use (Android):
Since Android VPNService is unstable for this service and Android marshmallow and above doesn't allow system modification from 3rd party app. You must do it manually.

1. Download and Install the app
2. Configure your proxy to port 8888
2.1 Mobile Data Users
  1. Go to your phone settings
  2. Find your APN settings (usually it's under mobile data connection)
  3. 86260680_655876425151518_5917520985975685120_n.jpg
  4. Modify your APN and add this proxy host: proxy port: 8888
  5. 81797042_487247801959365_3137339765662154752_n.jpg
2.2 Wi-Fi Users
  1. Go to your phone settings
  2. Go to your Wi-Fi settings
  3. 84397541_2230166587285337_6275614150567657472_n.jpg
  4. Open your Wi-Fi connection menu and add this proxy host: proxy port: 8888
  5. 85247244_235694324123870_3202285555282870272_n.jpg
  6. 85200739_226563768362867_4773939123977191424_n.jpg
3. Open TunnelCat HTTP Puncher Android app
4. Enter your credentials
5. Connect and surf the internet
Installation Instructions (Huawei Modem):
adb connect
adb push tcat-pclient /data
adb shell
chmod 755 /data/tcat-pclient
./data/tcat-pclient -proxy puncher.tcat.me:5555 -host -user (user) -pass (pass) &
Enable auto start (Huawei Modem):
mount -o rw,remount /system
echo /data/tcat-pclient -proxy puncher.tcat.me:5555 -host -user (user) -pass (pass) >> /system/etc/autorun.sh
How to use (Huawei Modem):
Once it's connected. set your phone Wi-Fi proxy to port 8888
Troubleshooting Guide
Bakit ayaw mag connect using PC sa CLI?
Replace mo yung puncher.tcat.me ng sa bat file sa CLI

No Browse but connected?
You can browse non-https website but the solution is to change wan IP.

Why is my Android stuck on connecting?
Might be an Android bug if you are using Android 10 or you can try to airplane mode on/off.

Ayaw mag browse sa PC ko but connected naman,
Try to set it as system proxy as mentioned above sa FAQ. If you're using CLI, dont use Proxifier.
Buy account here:
For the sake of your privacy, on any problem on your purchase just message me here about it. Don't leak your transaction data in the comment section.

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