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Tutorial My 1st Deposit on 2xBit ( Double your Coins Here ) 10/6/2019

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Mar 25, 2015
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6 day Doubler
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Tara, sabay ka na. Habang Maaga - aga pa.
( pero kung nag aalangan ka, wait mo nalang muna yung proof soon )
Note: Risk Taker Only, " take your own risk "

WARNING: NEVER invest what you CANNOT afford to LOSE in these programs!
and Ingat sa mga mag sself referral dyan ah, hindi ko sagot pag nag pending yan.


How to register? This procedure is very simple and takes only a few seconds. To register just paste the input field for the address or the number of your purse, then press Enter.
How to become an investor and when you can get your first profits? Once you have registered, you must make your first Deposit. Accrual of profit on it happening a day after depositing. The money earned is automatically sent to the output with the moment of their accrual to the account.
How long will it take for my Deposit to be credited and open? As a rule, from the moment of Deposit and the receipt of the money on Deposit takes a few minutes. In the case of cryptocurrency payment systems time of transfer of Deposit can range from several minutes to several hours. With such payment systems as PerfectMoney and Payeer is simpler, the Deposit is opened immediately after payment, i.e. instantly. In this case the main factor is the regulation of payment service that you use to Deposit funds.

What payment system can I make a Deposit? The company works directly with 2xBit 5 payment systems - Bitcoin, LiteCoin, DogeCoin, PerfectMoney and Payeer. And as we accept many other cryptocurrencies, using alternative methods of payment.
Is there a limit to the amount of the Deposit? Yes, the minimum value is equal to 0.00005 BTC (or equivalent in another currency), the maximum number is unlimited.

As a quickly processed application for withdrawal of profit from the system? Withdrawals are processed in manual mode by our staff and the withdrawal time depends directly on the speed of claims processing by our staff. We respect Your time and strive to process applications as quickly as possible, the average treatment time takes a few minutes, but there are times when we receive a huge number of applications in a short period of time and we don`t have time to process all payments quickly, so sometimes the withdrawal can take a bit more time than usual.

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Update: 10/7/2019
Status: Paying
Crypto: Btc
Wallet: coinsph


Status: Paying
Wallet: coinsph


Status: Paying
Wallet: coinbase


Status: Paying
Wallet: coinsph

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