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Recent content by wekaya

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    Tutorial Debian 9 OCS Panel Installer

    http://your-vps-server-ip:86 paano po maaacess ang folder gamit ko WinsCP may ilalagay lng po ako file? Bon-chan
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    Payload Default Tricks

    Method Payload Normal CONNECT [host_port] [protocol][crlf]Host: domain.com[crlf][crlf] Front Inject GET http://domain.com/ HTTP/1.1[crlf]Host: domain.com[crlf][crlf]CONNECT [host_port] [protocol][crlf][crlf] Back Inject CONNECT [host_port] HTTP/1.1[crlf][crlf]GET http://domain.com/...
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    Globe TM Real Para mapa STABLE si No Load isang Way!

    pang globe smart or sun po yan?
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    Tutorial Debian 9 OCS Panel Installer

    thank d2 napagana ko yun script ni jerome...pati ocserv anyconnect opencnnect server
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    Debian 9 VPS Installer

    bakit sa ipad kita ko yun hidden content sa laptop ayaw ko makita auto script
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    Anyconnect UAE Unblocking

    10aed lng po
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    Tutorial Ubuntu (16/18/19) VPS Installer

    pa send nman auto script bulag lng
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    Anyconnect UAE Unblocking

    sa appstore or playstore po Anyconnect name ng app
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    Android App Skylink VPN SOURCE CODE

    supported ba nito .ovpn?
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    Android App SOURCE CODE VPN

    my source code kay supported both .mz at .ovpn?
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    Tutorial Debian 9 OCS Panel Installer

    thank sir.....@bon-chan nag try ako mag add Anyconnect server (ocserv) pero connection refuse.