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“All those pathetic lonely people fooling one another into their clumsy games of afterlife and cosmic relevance just to avoid noticing the nauseating sadness of their real lives.” - ©️
bos admin pa check naman ng taong ito paninira na yong post nya dito sa thread
NA ITO bos admin makikita nyo naman kung ngpm ako sa kanya para manghingi ng noload at nagalit daw ako dahil hindi binigyan kung anu anu nalang ginawang paninira ng tanong to
kapag napatunayan na nag pm ako sa kanya at nghingi ng noload kau napo humosga ni minsan hindi kopo ginawa yan ang mag pm sa kanya salamat bos admin merry christmass
“I have always considered 'Pascal's Wager' a questionable bet to place, since any God worth believing in would prefer an honest agnostic to a calculating hypocrite.” - ©️
Sino gusto maki swap .invite code sa ML
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comment your own below ..swap tayu