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Tutorial Why You Feel Like You Have No Good Friends

Professora Akira

Oct 13, 2017
✳️You Don’t Recognize a Fake Good Friend When You See One
Yung scenario na may nameet ka then you're eagerly trying to hang our with them pero di yun nangyari.Perhaps they're not into you.That person ma you expect them to be your good friend,is just a mere aquintances you've met.Stop investing too much of our feelings into this good friendship.Sometimes people are just nice to you but ayaw nilang mapabilang sa circle of friends mo ,thats the reality.

✳️You Can’t Recognize Your Good Friends for What They Are
You need to identify good friends for what they are.Mahirap kasi if you can't figure out sino yung sa tingin mo totoong friends mo,minsan mahirap silang e differentiate from fake counterparts.So take note of it.

✳️You Keep Telling Yourself That You Have No Good Friends
This is not true. In life, we don’t walk parallel to everyone else.Acknowledging that you’re alone is a fools’ gambit. It’s detrimental to your health and it makes your good friends question you. You’re cheating yourself out of a good social life.Yes it's fine mapag isa minsan but wag mong isipin na nag iisa ka lang.The more iisipin mo yan you're just pushing your good friends away.

✳️You Don’t Understand What an Acquaintance Is
Yung masyado tayong atat to make and have good friends and we often confuse acquintances,they are just but stranger we often bump into.We've often think they're already our good friends but they aren't.

✳️You Don’t Know How to Make Connections
Di mo alam how build rapport and connections with them,to make sure andyan ka lagi when they mostly need you,Both parties are there for each other in good ans bad times.
This is a cyclic problem. For one, if you can’t connect with people, you can’t acquaint with people, and if you can’t connect with acquaintances, you can’t make good friends.

✳️You’re Not Managing Your Circles Correctly
As what they often say "It takes two to tango"
and everyone have their own preferences.
When choosing who you keep in your social circles, make a wise decision—but don’t overthink it. Nobody is perfect. People make mistakes.Don’t lose a good friend because you couldn’t recognize him or her as such.

✳️You Don’t Know How to Have Fun
Friendships are spontaneous.Count your blessings. If your good friends have chosen to invite you and keep you around, they want to see you.Don’t give them a reason to question you.

✳️You’re Not Expanding Your Circles
Good friends aren't forever. They come and go. But you can always make another one. When one walks out, bring another one in. Or, bring a lot of them in and watch the building grow.Wag mong sabihin na hindi kana makakahanao ng good friends,they're everywhere,they're just waiting.

excerpt/paraphrase from PairedLife