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Stories Who Bites the Rose Better?


Feb 11, 2021
Who Bites the Rose Better
MGL Emvie

The Switch
A drunkard could never be fit to drink in the Moniyan Bar. Your nostrils will clap because here they serve the ******* that as fragrant as grapes and as smoky as volcanoes. And though it's strength could be compared to ten strong rhinos, only the rich could have a taste. All the rich that drinks in this social bar, hides their face in the dim light while dancing in the smooth classics and while in silent chattering, telling lies about descriptions of their fancy clothes. Everybody likes this place to held their meetings, whether it's a crime they are brewing or a couple on a date.

Gusion pushed the glass door, and in the threshold he paused and then rolled his eyes to scan the place. And then with his finger, trembling, he unrolled a scrap of paper. In it some words were written, "Come to Moniyan Bar or I'll kill you! Bring the rose if you have to."

And as he took his steps in the marbled floor, his eyes blinked in rapid and his breathing dove deep.

Why I am here, he thought. And who is this Lesley? Why I am in Gusion's body? I'm supposed to marry Odette today.

It was at this moment that Gusion felt a cold stare. Or shall we say, the person in Gusion's body?

His chest was like a drum being slammed in rhythm. That lady who owned this horrific stare must be Lesley. She had an eye patch -- a sign of danger. How can a lady be so intimidating with just the eyes, with only one nonetheless.

"You are late again, Gusion? Do you really want to die?" Lesley said.

Lancelot tried to hide the fact that he's gasping air. Late? How could she say that when her letter mentioned anything but the time.

My name is Lancelot and I do not know you!

But, "Sorry, my lady." is all he could say.

"Hah! You know how to sweet talk now. Sit down and let's drink!"

Wonder was the cloud that darkened Lancelot's mind. If they swapped bodies, then Gusion was in his body, and then instead of him, it's another man's soul that Odette would marry. To imagine other man kissing his lover, although it's his actual lips, he could make someone's face pop a black eye. This should not happen so he thought of a way.

From the bartender he snatched the whiskey. He served and poured Lesley's glass without a minute's delay everytime the unwitting girl finished a shot. He hoped that soon Lesley would fall asleep.

Ten minutes later, Lesley began panting as if she was needing the toilet. She loosened her collar and then sighed.

Lancelot cought that and furrowed. He didn't see clearly in the dim light but he sworn that he saw smoke blowing out from Lesley's lips when she sighed. When he saw the empty glass of Lesley, he grabbed the bottle of whiskey but then he realized that the surroundings was swirling!

And at that moment, Lesley rushed to Lancelot and gave a tight embrace.

"Why don't you want to marry me?" she cried in a whispering fashion.

However, at the same moment, Lancelot's eyelids began to drop. And then he remembered his wedding. After that, he looked at Lesley and saw Odette's face. This urged him the need to reply. "Yes, of course. I want to marry you!" he said.

"But why did you leave me?" Lesley said.

"No, I didn't leave you. I came across a dream, that I am a different person. That's the reason why I didn't come."

"I love you! I truly love you. I thought that this will be the last drink we will have together."

"So why not we continue what we started? Let's get wed!" Lancelot exclaimed.

So the two of them, drunk, went to the quickest tailor to have their wedding attires fitted.

The Tailor's Client
As they came close to the store, the tailor's eyes greeted them widely shock. But business is business, he must honor the people who needs his services without discrimination and distinction. That was a common decision of a good businessman but the blades and the gun that the couple brought also helped him to arrive in that decision. They agreed to leave their weapons outside in exchange that they were measured while keeping their bottles of whiskey.

"Are you sure that your requests are wedding attires?" the tailor said.

"What'd ya'mean?" Lesley said. "You doubt our love? I'm gonna kill ya!" she added. She pulled her *****, locked and loaded. And then the trigger, swiftly, she touched.

At that moment Lancelot extended his arms and lifted the *****. He gulped a fill of the whiskey and then smiled. "Ah~ don't be so violent, my lady. If not him, whose going to take our measurements?"

That was a coin tossed where the tailor's life became the bet. When Lancelot saved it, the tailor breathe with great length as to probably the inhales and exhales that gave him the most comfort and relaxation in his entire life. After recovering his calm, he swayed his hands at Lancelot and gestured that hand to a tiny room. "Sire, the measurements." the tailor said.

"This is a tiny room. I'm in a good mood today, so I'll reward you so that you can expand this area. But you'll have to wait until I return from home."

"Thank you, sire."

"No, thank you! I'm happy because this is my wedding!"


"The admiration for Odette that I keep never fades ever since we were little. And now it's time for us to marry. What a dream come true." Lancelot said. "I can't wait to say in the altar the things like, 'I, Lancelot will love you in happiness and in sickness. Until death do us part'."

"Sire Lancelot. I'm happy for you."

A few seconds later, the ******* in Lancelot's vein's began to punch and deceive his eyes. He pointed at the cloth that glimmer like a dried clot of blood and said, "That cloth. It's isolated and have it's own space. It must be a special roll of cloth. You have many of that here so can we use those?

"Sire Lancelot, I apologize." said the tailor. "But that's a fire extinguisher. As a man who works with clothes, I despise fire."

And then the tailor helped Lancelot to leave the measuring room. However, Lancelot wobbled towards Lesley and then he stumbled in the corner where he drowned in the piles of linen.

And at the sight of the clutters and scatters of the linen and clothes that the tailor worked so hard to arrange, he could only gulped his saliva. And when the tailor's and Lesley's eyes met, the tailor's sight, for a split second, caught a glimpse of Lesley's *****, and so he then signalled the lady to the measuring room with a nodd, while acting as if nothing had happened.

"A wedding dress." Lesley said. "I've got to wear one, finally. It's a dream come true."

"So as the groom said. Congratulations!" the tailor exclaimed.

"I'm in a good mood. I've finally marrying the man of my dreams!"

"Just like what your lover said. I cannot begin to fathom the immeasurable love he have for you. I guess that you and him had a wonderful childhood memories, so as what sire says."

Lesley smiled from ear to ear at what she heard. "Really? The depth of our love is amazing, isn't it? I've love him. I have loved Gusion for so long, but I never knew he loved me longer."

For three seconds, the tailor froze. He was halfway measuring Lesley's waist when he stopped. "Gusion?" he said. That's not the name the man said.

"Gusion is my love, my life, and my all. I will never leave him for the rest of my days." Lesley said.

And then, in the tailor's face trekked a mix of hot and cold perspiration as if the room became temperate. Sweat wet his hands and then it's as if steam burst from the gaps of his sleeves. He knew Gusion and Lesley but not Lancelot and Odette. His male client called himself Lancelot, but it looked like it's an alias and so does the name Odette. The real names as revealed by the eye patch girl goes by Gusion and Lesley. Eye patch was the min feature of Lesley and incidentally, it matched with this girl and so it could be true, and that was bad. Gusion and Lesley were famous in The City. They were known to be the best couple assassins and they killed anyone they didn't like. And once again, fate invoked the great bet for his life. Wether he would survive or not when these two guys get what they wanted.

And so, the tailor weaved the cloth and the attire in a quick and graceful manner. His work looked like a dance show. At the same time, he reached a button under the desk in the entrance of his store. And then after just two minutes, a siren came.

Weeeeh! Weeeeh! Johnson the firefighter had arrived! Where's the fire?

The tailor shop doesn't have a button to call the police. The bank does. So when he needed help, he was forced to call the firefighters. And when the four trucks came, Lesley and Lancelot finished putting on their wedding attires. They met Johnson in the entrance of the shop and thought that it's their service to the church.

"The groom and the bride should separate their ride. And I must be there first." Lancelot said.

"No matters..." Lesley replied. "Let's get on."

"Hey! Hey! What're you doing?" Johnson asked. Then his curiosity pulled his eyes towards the tailor to ask the nature of his emergency. His brows asked "what does this mean." But the tailor signaled Johnson a face that looked like he's in great deal of pain. So Johnson played along.

To the Wedding
In the close quarters of the car, Lancelot and Lesley unleashed the stench of ******* from their breath. It almost broke Johnson's nose. So then Johnson opened the windows. And after the couple took a seat, Johnson, without delay, asked them where to go.

"You should know. We booked this wedding." said Lancelot "to the Moniyan Cathedral," he added.

"To the Moniyan Cathedral, then."

On their way to the cathedral, they come along a flower shop where Lesley sneaked and grabbed a rose. She gave it to Lancelot, whom she still thought was Gusion. And after that, she raised her brows two times and pointed the rose to Lancelot's lips.

Lesley wanted Lancelot to bite the rose. In their Empire, it is a tradition in the noble class for grooms who awaits their bride to bite a rose. So Lancelot bit it.

"Something is not alright." Lesley said.

"What could be?" Lancelot replied, as he tried to keep the rose in his lips.

"No matters."

And after that, Johnson called them. "Ma'am. Sir. We are here." He opened the doors from the couple's both sides and then he said to himself, "Surely, I might change my job from a firefighter to a jeepney driver."

"Why did you bring us in the back of the cathedral?" Lancelot said.

"There is a wedding of noble blood and the guests crowded the front." Johnson replied, as he went back up to his driver's seat.

"I am noble blood too!" Lancelot said. "Wait here."

"Jeez!" Johnson said before he pushed the wheel and rushed the car away. "I need to hurry and prepare!" he exclaimed.

Lancelot shouted at him "Hey! Hey!" but what else could it do? So they decided to get wed and make their dream come true. They went inside the cathedral and come across a room filled with chairs of enchanting spiral designs, and with walls and pillars in vibrant gold and glimmers of brown. And then the polished statues of knights and paladins in real arms and armors intensified the classy decorations. And then between the ceilings where chandeliers were hanged and then in the floor that reflected a hue of red, there echoed a smooth piano melody that was like the tweets of lovebirds and also, the rythm of violin that was like the romantic splashes of ocean waves. As the sound climb louder, it captivated Lancelot and Lesley in a trance. After that, Lancelot hit a table with his hips and then the piano stopped.

Then in the one side of the room, a cloth rope lifted the brown curtain. And then there came out a man in black tuxedo.

"Why are the bride and the groom in the VIP balcony?" said the man. "I'm about to start playing the guitar with my friend pianist."

"Who are ya?" Lesley asked.

"That's Clint. We hired him to play the guitar in our wedding." Lancelot said.

"Did we? Don't tell me you already planned all this?" Lesley said.

"Wait. Are you guys drunk?" Clint said. "Quick! Father Estes and Mother Rafaela had already arrived. They must be waiting for a long time now." "Sister Angela! Sister Angela! Come here!" "****** the couple to their places."

After a few moments, Angela came out and then cried, "The bride had run away!"

"What're you saying?" Lesley and Clint said, confused.

"Whose this people?" Angela said.

"These are the couple."

"Then who are the people out there. Lancelot is in the altar already."

"I am Lancelot and I'm definitely here." Lancelot said. And then in his ****** pocket, he took his rose. "We shall begin the ceremony."

"Forgive them." Clint said. " They are drunk. This is Lancelot and this is Odette."

"No I'm not." Lesley replied.

After that, the door where Angela came from opened and, there entered a familiar man who was graced with muscle all over the body.

Lesley and Lancelot glared at the man. It was their service driver earlier who just, without warning, left.

"Johnson, glad you're here!" Clint said.

"Today we will hold no wedding." Johnson said. "Oh it's you two."

In that moment Odette came out from the back of Johnson. She was in tears and then she said, "Uncle Johnson, he is not Lancelot. That man in the altar! I know it!"

"Odette, my love?" Lancelot said. He talked while he tried to hold the rose in his lips. His desire to wed kept him to uphold the tradition. But he was still in Gusion's body.

Everyone's eyes became perplexed and their eyebrows crumpled before Lancelot. And then followed a three seconds silence. After that, Odette locked his eyes on Lancelot and walked steadily in slow steps. She reached the man and with her palms, she held Lancelot's cheeks but at the same time, Lesley's ***** clicked.

"Are you Lancelot?" Odette said as he gazed at the rose on Lancelot's lips and while taking glances at the man's eyes.

"I am--" he said, but then, in that instant, the wind blew the wide purple tassel in the direction of the altar. They were up in the balcony and the paradella was down below. Someone from the altar came to that balcony. The curtain fell, and then there came out Gusion in Lancelot's body.

When he came, Gusion was holding a rose in his lips. He arrived holding five cutlery knives from both hands. And then he shot everyone his glare. His pupils was like of a tiger who wished to kill a prey.

Everybody stepped back in defensive positions except Angela who hid behind Johnson, and Lesley who looked amazed in a half-opened mouth with a gesture as if she wanted to reach Gusion.

"The way you bite your rose. Are you Gusion?" Lesley said.

Gusion turned his head to Lesley but Lancelot touched a statue's sword. It sounded a bling and it attracted Gusion's attention. And after that, Lancelot and Gusion locked at each other's gazes, and then there zapped a static electricity. It pushed them towards opposite directions and then it took them five seconds to recover their feet.

In that room, everyone froze like the statue decorations. Even Odette and Lesley could not move. They knew not who's lover was who, and then they were confused who do they wanted to help.

"Are you Lancelot?" Odette said the second time at the same man.

"Of course not. I'm Gusion!"

"Gusion!" Lesley exclaimed. She rushed to Gusion who just returned to his body.

"Odette, my love." Lancelot said the second time at the same girl, but at this time, from his own body.

Lancelot and Gusion bit their roses and said, "Let's have a double wedding ceremony."

"That is the rose that I know about." Lesley said.

"Your rose is the most beautiful of all." Odette said. "I will marry you, Lancelot, my loves!"

"In what nonsense are these all about!" Clint said. "Just get on with it and start the wedding! I still have a gig to perform."

And then in the cathedral, amidst the confusions, the wedding continued. But as if the day just started, the people forced themselves to forget the ridiculous events they experienced.

Gusion and Lancelot told no soul about them switching bodies. They went on to the wedding and returned to their homes with happy smiles. They had their brides on their arms.

The day returned to normal. And Lancelot finally caught his dream and Gusion finally learned his true feelings. But when the sweet morning came when they kissed their lovers, both of them realized a different taste. They were about to learn that Lesley and Odette had switched places! But that is another story.

Author's Note: "Thank you for reading this short story. I am trying to be a man of literature but I am not professional. I wish to provide stories more beautiful and more entertaining. So please, I need your help. Comment your constructive criticisms, thoughts, and opinions about this story. Finally, thank you and have a wonderful day!"


These were the words that was blooped.
"Allkkoohhool" a beverage
"Rayfol" mostly used by our soldiers
"Breeeast" in the story it means the chest pocket.
"Essscort" to accompany

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