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Stories When the Thief Returns the Treasures


Feb 11, 2021

When the Thief Returns the Treasures

by MGL Emvie

Dexter's tail curled up in Claude's face. Claude then opened his eyes, stretched his elbows, and breathe like the air lifts his lungs. And then he turned to the kitchen and grabbed a cup of coffee. He then strolled around the house and stopped in front of his treasure vault of stolen items.

Claude picked the newspaper on the table and saw his name on the headline. A highlighted glow of red letters said, 'Agile thief cannot be captured. The nation wished for a hero to capture the thief whose name is Claude.' The media warns the people a national warning similar to a catastrophe level.

Such feat is like a tornado that lift the spirit of an international criminal. Yet, Claude's face turned like a stone in the garden, unmoved even in the midst of storm. If faces show letters of emotion, then Claude's face became a blank page.

Dexter scratched his back and then pulled the TV remote like a magic trick. He turned on the TV, and then he leapt on Claude's shoulder.

On the TV, the same red blinking warning appeared. The crawling letters asked the citizens to keep an eye on their treasures 24/7 as first line of defense against the international thief.

"Kuh! Kuh! Hakh! Hah!" said Dexter as he brought a bottle of champagne.

"No, we won't celebrate." Claude replied. "We should return the stolen treasures." he added.

So Dexter throw the champagne bottle and then he returned on Claude's shoulder. The monkey held Claude's forehead, cupped his chin, and then fell in deep thinking. After that, Dexter hopped over the chandeliers and then he returned with a thermometer, but Claude shove it away.

"I'm sacking all these treasures. We have to return all of this." Claude said simply, calm and cool.

Dexter contracted his eyelids and sighed.

First, Claude took the holy parchment. "This is for Estes." he said.

Thus, Claude rushed to the elven forest, jumped through the roofs of the elven buildings and peeked onto Estes's temple.

"Dropped this on the altar, Dexter."

Then next, Claude pulled the demon hunter sword from the sack. Dexter, seeing the sword, sweat on his hairy forehead. And then he curled behind Claude's collar."

"Alucard will surely kill... But we have the sword. Ever since we stole this, he meditates regularly in the monastery. What to do, Dexter?"

Dexter then gestured like he was throwing a spear.

Claude realized so he nodded. After that he rushed behind the huge trees around the monastery and he gazed through the half open door.

Inside, Alucard meditates.

Claude aimed the sword at the incense beside Alucard and then hurled it with great strength. After that, he swiftly recovered his feet and escape.

Several minutes later, he rested on a branch and pulled an umbrella in his sack.

"Kagura's umbrella." he said. "The monster in that witch's shrine sleep during an eclipse. It took couple of months to s†éál this treasure but I hope it won't take that long to return this. As usual, the shrine is quiet."

So Claude leaned the umbrella on the shrine's pillar. However Kagura suddenly arrived.
Kagura immediately casted a magic spell. Her umbrella opened and glowed, following her arms directions. "How dare you return!" she exclaimed.

The umbrella flew towards Claude as it cut the shrubs on it's path. However, Claude blinked and left behind his hologram praying in apology.

"Phew! Almost!" Claude said. "Let me rest in this branch for a while."

Claude grabbed another treasure from the sack but Dexter tried to pull it back.

"Paquito's pair of gloves." Claude said as he played a tug of war with Dexter. "Paquito set a match and will soon enter the ring, but loosing his gloves put his punches in trouble. I want him to win but first, we need to return his beloved gloves."

So Claude sneaked into the Paquito Gym. The closed doors, the dim sparring arena, and the dusty floors suggested that none used the gym for a week. Nevertheless, Claude brought the gloves and crouched to the table. He placed it in utmost silence before he returned to the half opened window.

However, Claude didn't felt Paquito's presence. He was sitting in the bench nearby under the shade of the darkness. He was watching the thief returning his valuable treasured gloves. And when Claude was about to leave, Paquito stood and said, "Thank you."

Claude, surprised, leapt from the window and hurried.

Nevertheless, Paquito reached the table where Dexter still petted the gloves like a dog. When Paquito and Dexter's eyes met, just like Claude, Dexter rushed towards the window and hurried.

It took ten hours of planning and then executing the return of the treasures. Yet, the sack still bulks. So, Claude reached the sack.

"Let's see what remains." he said.

Claude touched the sack's contents and then he pulled a *****. "Hmm.. later." he said, setting up the ***** beside. But when he grabbed another from the sack, he pulled another gun. This time, he looked at the gun for three seconds and set it beside. Claude then felt the next treasure but then he pulled another gun.

"A problem." Claude said. "I forgot which one belongs to Lesley, or Granger, or Clint." he added and then sighed. "It's late and time for supper."

"Kuh! Kuh! Ka-kah" Dexter said.

"Let's continue this tomorrow."

And so tomorrow came. The coffee brew seeped in Claude's nostrils. Claude, half awakened, grabbed a cup of coffee and strolled around until he reach his vault of treasures.

When his eyes fully opened, he dropped the cup of coffee and exclaimed, "The treasures! Where did they go?"

Claude gazed at Dexter but the monkey just pose, 'whatever!'

Author's Note: "Thank you for reading this short story. I am trying to be a man of literature but I am not professional. I wish to provide stories more beautiful and more entertaining. So please, I need your help. Comment your constructive criticisms, thoughts, and opinions about this story. Finally, thank you and have a wonderful day!"


PS. The bleeped words were "/ray-fol/" a weapon with high caliber used by our armies.

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