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Stories What Is Wrong With Me?


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Aug 31, 2015
What Is Wrong With Me?
It is 5th grade. I am a 10 year old girl. At my school I do a thing called Safety Patrol. One of my jobs is to lead out the A.M. Kindergarteners to their buses. Here is the story of something hurtful that happens to me on the way to my job. I won't mention names. Today, I'll be H, and the other 4 will be A, K, L, and E.
I am in the same class as A. A also does Kindergarten Safety Patrol. A and I go and find K. K too does kindergarten Safety Patrol. As we walk down the hall together, I realize that we only have three people, L is absent. We need four people to do kindergarten Safety. I tell A this, and she says that her and K will go and get E to sub in for L. I stay and wait.
When A and K come back up with E, I hear them talking. A and K are arguing over who has to partner with me. (Two people work together at kindergarten Safety Patrol). E, being really popular and really bossy, has already decided that she won't, so A and K are left to argue. They come back up. "Say that you want to partner with A!" said K. "No! say you want to partner with K!" A shoots back. I feel sick. "Just say one!" K yells at me. Then A puts out two hands. "Pick a hand." She says. "I . . . I . . ." I stutter. I didn't know what to do! "Pick a hand!" A repeats, raising her voice, she is clearly irritated. I slowly point to a hand. "K! She's with you!" A says. K groans and glares at me. I look down. What is so wrong with me that no one wants to partner with me? I think. What's wrong with me . . . I have glasses, I talk to much, I'm not in the popular group, I'm too perky, I don't dress perfect, And I have braces. That's what's wrong with me. There are other things, too. I'm just not completely sure of them. I might have smelly breath, I might act too weird, I might not care for my hair perfectly. But even though I know these things, still . . . What's wrong with me? I'm only in 5th grade! Why is it like this?!? What's wrong with me?
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