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Tutorial What can you drive under the new license codes?


Mar 13, 2018
The LTO is now rolling out new driver's license restriction codes in order to streamline which vehicles licensed drivers can and can’t operate.

On your license, restriction codes are on the bottom left, usually denoted by numbers corresponding to what kind of vehicles you can drive.


In the past, if you want to drive a motorcycle, you must have Restriction Code 1 on your driver’s license. If you want to drive a car with a manual, you must have Restriction Code 2 on your driver’s license. If you want to drive both, you need both Restriction Codes 1 and 2. Automatic vehicles were denoted by Restriction Code 4.


Now, the LTO is overhauling driver's license (DL) restriction codes completely, replacing them with new driver’s license codes (DL Codes) with several subcategories to encompass all kinds of vehicles. It’s now an alphanumeric code, with subcategories to cover what vehicles are allowed under that code.

Restriction codes will now be listed in the back, on the same line as the kind of vehicles you're allowed to drive.

New DL Codes

Under the new DL Code system, motorcycles are classified as A, while tricycles are classified as A1. Cars and light trucks are classified under B. There are even more vehicle categories under that, which indicate the types of cars and motorcycles each DL Code holder is allowed to drive (e.g., M1, M2, N1, etc.).


These new vehicle categories should cover many of the new kinds of cars, motorcycles, and tricycles that are now available in the country. It should also clear up any confusion as to what kind of DL Code and type of license is required to operate them on public roads.

These include new models like tricycles with a symmetrical three-wheel layout like the Bajaj RE, Yamaha Tricity, and even small electric tricycles. It also puts large vans like the Hyundai H350 and Ford Transit in a new segment. Also, if you want to pull a trailer (for jet skis, motorcycles, side by sides), there’s another code for that.


The old 2 code (for cars) is now replaced with B and B1, upgrading the limit to 5000 kilograms GVW. B restricts the license holder to drive cars with up to 8 seats. B1 is for cars with 9 or more seats. For vehicles carrying goods, the driver's license must have DL code B2 (less than or equal to 3500 kg GVW) and/or C (more than 3500 kg GVW). Those that drive buses that weigh over 5000 kilos GVW and have more than 9 seats are restricted to D. As for cars with trailers, semi-trailer trucks, and other articulated vehicles, they are now classified under 'BE' and 'CE' accordingly.

New Conditions

Besides the codes, there are also conditions, which drivers with certain impairments or disabilities must meet at all times when driving. The LTO has made some adjustments to these as well. These conditions, formerly letters, are now numbers. The old condition A is now 1, which requires eyeglasses has been updated to corrective lenses, which means holders of this condition can drive while wearing contact lenses.


With the old system, those with upper limb disabilities had to drive with condition B, while those with lower limb disabilities had to drive with condition C. Now, they have both been merged into condition 2.

A new condition, 3, requires that a license holder drive a customized vehicle. This likely refers to a vehicle modified to compensate for a license holder’s unique impairments not listed in 1,2, 4, or 5.


Daylight driving is now condition 4. The hearing impaired (condition 5) no longer need to be accompanied by a person with normal hearing. They must just wear a hearing aid.


In case this is still all confusing, we’re providing some examples to make it easier to understand.

These are what these DL Codes should look like on your license. You'll find them listed in the back of the license, with the allowed vehicles and conditions listed on the right side.


Your vehicles: Yamaha Nmax and Toyota Vios AT

Non-Professional, can drive both automatic light passenger cars (8 seats or less) AND motorcycles with an automatic:

The DL Code you need:

A: L1, L2, L3-NP-AT

B: M1, M2, N1-NP-AT


Your vehicle: Mitsubishi Mirage for Grab

Professional, can drive light passenger car with manual:

The DL Code you need:

A: L1, L2, L3-PL-MT


Your vehicle: Mitsubishi L300 / Kia K2500 Karga

Professional, can drive light trucks for goods (4-wheels) with manual only:

The DL Code you need:

B2: N1-PL-MT


If you have an impairment, this is what your code could look like.

Your vehicles: Suzuki Raider R150, Hyundai Accent

Non-Professional, can drive both automatic light passenger cars AND manual motorcycles, but need a hearing aid:

The DL Code you need:

A: L1,L2,L3-NP-MT, 5

B: M1,M2,N1-NP-MT, 5


Your vehicle: Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 with a trailer for jetskis

Non-Professional, can drive manual OR automatic light passenger cars AND light passenger cars with trailers:

The DL Code you need:

B: M1,M2,N1-NP-MT

BE: 01-NP-MT


Your vehicle: Kia Carnival (8-seater)

Non-Professional, can drive manual vehicles with up to 8 passengers:

The DL Code you need:

B: M1,M2,N1-NP-MT


Your vehicle: Hyundai H350, Ford Transit

Professional, can drive manual vehicles with 9 or more passengers up to 5,000 kg GVW:

The DL Code you need:

B1: M2-PL-MT


Your vehicle: Toyota Coaster

Professional, can drive a manual vehicle with 9 or more passengers up to 5,000 kg GVW:

The DL Code you need:




For those renewing it may be simple or a bit complicated. If you simply have codes 1, 2, 4 or 5, and are a non-professional, your old restrictions will likely be converted into the new DL Codes without issue.

Those with vans may have a hard time as there are some with 8 seats and some with 9 seats. Which one you have may dictate what kind of DL Code you’ll have to get. If you plan to operate a symmetrical tricycle, like say a Bajaj RE or Piaggio Ape for private use, you may have to apply for that additional code. We d also like to remind those that plan to pull trailers with their vehicles that they’ll need to secure the “CE” DL Code. Those with professional licenses may have to specify which vehicles they intend to operate as the types of passenger vehicles have changed quite significantly. Take note that if you plan to use your vehicle for hire, whether as a Grab car, Angkas, Transportify, or any similar service, you’ll need to secure a Professional License (PL).

Better or worse?

With these new sets of codes and conditions, the LTO hopes it will be easier for more drivers to understand what to apply for, as well as the limits to what they can drive.

This may also eliminate any issues of enterprising enforcers catching you for driving an automatic with a license that stipulates it’s for a manual. The upside is that the updated conditions leave less room for misinterpretation. And perhaps it’s best that they don’t automatically allow any license holder to easily jump to a big vehicle like a Hyundai H350 or Ford Transit without the proper training for it.

Does this simplify or complicate the application process for you? Let us me know in the comments.

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Dapat naman talga may sinasala mabuti kung ano kapasidad ng driver para maiwasan ang kamote sa daan. yung nga lang dagdag gastos yan sa tao dahil bukod na naman driving lesson yan. kaya dapat kung mag driving lesson ka i manual mo na agad kasi once matuto ka ng manual madali na sa AT. natuto ako sa Manual pero AT gamit ko na sasakyan, I dont know kung marunong pa ko mag manual haha. pero motor ko Manual kaya siguro parehas lang yun.
1 Comment
tama lang na pag mag aaral mag drive ng 4wheeled na sasakyan dapat lang maunang aralin ang manual, tapos huli na ang automatic. ako naman lagi manual ang naddrive ko. napakabihira kong mag AT. minsan pa nga nabibigla ako sa preno ng mga AT kasi nasanay na rin kakaapak sa clutch para may kaunting engine braking na wala sa AT. pero unti unti din nawawala ang pagkabiglang preno ko sa AT para lang prerpreno lang sa MT.


Sa 2023 pa expiration ng license ko, ma honor pa rin kaya nila yung luma na license? Non pro restriction code 1 lang ang meron ako

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