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Closed Wavy display on heavy usage.

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Good evening. Ano po kaya ang problema ng PC ko, pag naglalaro ako ng mga high end games like Ghost Recon wildlands o kahit anong games basta high end. Medyo nag wawavy yung screen at minsan nag aauto restart. Pero pag normal use naman po ok naman siya.
Eto po specs ng PC ko for reference.
Windows 7 ultimate
Intel Core i5 4590
8gb DDR3
500Gb HDD
GPU: Asus Strix 950 2gb boost
PSU: 750 Generic PSU(Local brand)
Sanay mabigyan niyo ako ng ideya kung ano ang dapat kong gawin o palitan na piyesa. Salamat po.
Hindi pa po Sir. Ano po ang pinagkaiba ng Generic na 750w sa Branded na PSU kagaya ng Corsair 500W gold pin. Salamat po.
By a "true Rated" I assume you mean a quality branded power supply with a bronze/silver/gold rating?

Typically a "rated" PSU uses better components and are more reliable.

Generic PSU's often use cheaper components, can be a little less than truthful of about their actually capability (pretend they are more powerful than they really are) and sometimes do not included some safety features like over voltage protection. They also generally lack build quality or Quality assurance.

Higher quality PSU's are generally more accurate about their capabilities (even underrate there capability), include over voltage protection. Over voltage protection is very important in case a PSU blows up. It does not allow excess currents to flow through to damage other components like motherboards, CPUS, GPU'S and Hard drives. With out over voltage protection the excess current runs right through your system.

It all depends on what you plan to use the PC for. If it's for a high load, gaming, overclocking machine etc - generic power supplies can be potentially ruin your entire system. They are a gamble.

If it's just for a low end desktop used for browsing, word processing etc then you can get a way with a generic PSU as long as you go nowhere near it's limits.

Some generic power supplies will "do the job" - others are a time bomb waiting to happen.
Dude that sounds like electricity fluctuation which generic psus are prone of because of poor quality. Change your psu IMMEDIATELY. That's freaking dangerous for your comppnents. Buy at least 400W of quality psu. I don't know if the FSP hexa+ is still available but get that one if you're tight on budget. It's the one I'm using right now. It's on the cheap side of the brand but it's good quality
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