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V4Android ★ Introducing Cure Tech+ ★

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May 12, 2013
V4Android ★ Introducing Cure Tech+ ★

Software Description:
V4A FX version: Mainly renders many audio quality. (More info see Settings Explained in 3rd post)
V4A XHiFi version: Mainly restores lossy audio quality. (More info see Settings Explained 3rd post)
V4A FX and XHiFi combined (Refer coexists installation): More settings to play with, but quality will be much better!
Note: No matter you select FX or XHiFi in sound settings, they will run together at the same time.

★ NEW Cure Tech+ ★:

With normal audio system, listening for more than three hours will feel fatigue, dizzy, tinnitus, irritated and other symptoms. This is a normal reaction, heavy bass and high volume could cause permanent damage to the human auditory system, but other phenomena can restore through resting.

Viper as a listening experience professional will not ignore this problem. Therefore put a lot of effort to study how to make a "Healing" sound technology, just a small success. But thinking on how to let users experience it.

Previously Announced Crossfeed will be included in Cure Tech+ as one of the component. Crossfeed is Binaural Stereo (human ear stereo), a Crossfeed which produces human stereoscopic hearing sensation.

★ NEW In-App Installation ★:
With this in-app installation, users just have to follow the instructions when first run V4A app and the app will install everything for you.
In order to use this feature successfully, full Busybox must be installed.

★ NEW Compatible Mode (Only in 4.x) ★:
Compatible Mode supports large variety of music players and the players' own EQ/sound effects (system-provided/third party)
Therefore, you don't have to select V4A in Sound Settings > Music Effects, choose anything other than V4A. Just run V4A app and the effects will be working with anything else.
1. In option, switch to Compatible Mode. Reboot, done.
2. In Sound Settings > Music Effects, choose other than V4A.
3. Run V4A app and configure the settings then the effects will work together with the one you chose in Sound Settings.

★ NEW Safe Mode (Only in 4.x) ★:
If V4A dont work on many players, try switching to Safe Mode to work with almost any music player.
1. In option, switch to Safe Mode. Reboot, done.

Full Documentation:
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