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Globe TM [Unli Data/Uncap, Nagbabalik] Legendary Postpaid Sims Only (in 599, downgraded to 299, 399, Plan 0)

Jan 15, 2019
Continuation thread ko na pala ito from this post here and hi sa mga beneficial avid followers ko noon sa tricks --na naging bahagi na ng buhay natin for almost 3 years since posted :)

Here we go!
Credit and Shotout to ryte88 for exploring and sharing this information sa thread.

Typical Tricks but working (y)
* The trick is to add LIFESTYLE PROMO (FB MESSENGER) for 99 pesos.

Generic reminders muna:
  • Adding this add-on promo, you'll have additional bill na 99 on top of your existing postpaid bill/cut-off.
  • If cut-off/Reset or Refills date mo is every 18th of the Month then, it's encouraged to do add this promo by after the specified date.
  • The promo will be renewed automatically every cut-off or per month po. You need to UNSUBSCRIBE kung sawa ka na :ROFLMAO:
  • For over 2 months of testing, no FUP love letter naman po. Kahit ma uubos pa natin allocated data ng promo is tuloy2x parin, so good as unlimited data at this point. Orayyts. :cool:

1. Insert sim to mobile device/Router
2. Dial the PROMO MENU: *143*2*8*6#


3. Enter #1 to SUBSCRIBE to the option:

4. Next, mag "agree" na tayu sa terms&condition via text.


5. Success!!!
  • Make sure to naka SURFALERT ON tayu para sureball.
  • I got mine registered last Dec 8, 2021 and my sim is downgraded to Plan 299 (with 100MB data only).

CDC problem? Fix natin yan, read here:

No CDC Trick?

* Payload is the key parin. No new tricks po hehe...hanap lang tayu ng FB MESSENGER working payload po and salpak natin sa SSR/V2ray configs. Dahil mabait aqo ngayon, share ko config for limited time ;):LOL:

No CDC working Config:
1. PH SSR Config ->You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now..
2. PH VMESS Config ->You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now..
3. SG SSR, use below:

Sample Config:

"server": "",
"server_port": "443",
"local_address": "",
"local_port": 1080,
"password": "",
"method": "aes-256-cfb",
"protocol": "origin",
"protocol_param": "",
"obfs": "http_simple",
"obfs_param": "s3.amazonaws.com"

Salamat po and enjoy !!!


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