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Smart TNT Sun UNLI DATA 99/299 | Possible CAP PREVENTION. ata?


May 18, 2022
---- THEORY ONLY ----

Recently, there has been a lot of users na na-capped yung data speed nila out of nowhere. Sadly, from any mbps down to 1.5mbps na lang.
This massive data capping affected both SMART and TNT users, some would say na siguro baka nag maintenance lang, or perhaps nagka-weather issues.
But then, up until now there is still no straightforward and solid answer(s) so far. Ito na yata ang End era ng unli data, char.

In my case, fortunately enough, it is still working as fudge.

Quick info:
Sim : Smart
Date registered : May 07
First time to register : Yes
Data consumed : 80gb+
Did hotspot : Yes, 5 users are connected.
Approx. data consumed per day : More or less, 5gb and above.
Inserted in modem : No.
Load of the sim : 1200+ (then less 299)
Load of the sim [current] : 1000+
Consumed with vpn : No
Location: Mindanao

Ps. loaded per day (sometimes alternate) via shopee load deals.

Earlier this morning at around 4am. I tried to make abuso sa pagconsume ng data, like more on testing lang if ma data cap ako or not.
I downloaded a compressed file at the size of 22gb, then it turns out, everything is still fine, hehe.


Side comment, It only took approx. 30 mins to finish the download.

Possible solution: + medyo good news
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[------------ UPDATE --- UPDATE --- UPDATE ------------]

Current date: June 02, 2022

Earlier this morning, I got my MF286RA modem unlocked na.
Then I immediately set up the modem as our main WIFI.
So far, there are only 4 users who are currently connected (1 lappy, 3 phones)

Modem admin info:

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Ps. Still loaded it everyday (sometimes alternate) via shopee load deals.

As of June 02, 2022 - 7:30pm (All devices are connected via WIFI)

My current status:
Thankfully, everything works well hehe. Data speed is fairly fast naman given it's only P299 per month.
In addition, on June 06, 2022, I will be renewing again my unli data promo via Sir Jerome's link.
Let's see nalang if ano man ang kasunod na kabanata.

+++ Some users use VPN para ma bypass ang data speed (cap). Sadly, nang bla-BLOCK sila ng sim.


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Thanks sa maganda information..sakin din po di nag cacap may load ako kc lagi at malaking tulong si shopee..4 cp device at 1 laptop lahatpo kami naka connect ,,di nga po nag ca-cap.

Ang gamit kong tricks simple lang,sa cp device ako nag register tapos consume muna ako 1 gig gamit ang cp ko,,pag nareach ko na yung 1 gig lipat na agad sa wifi modem yung sim..

I think na ipost na ito dito yung tricks matagal na and it works so much..

Bali pag binabalik ko sa cp ko yung sim cap na po ako di nga naabot ng 1mbs..pero pag ibalik ko sa wifi modem di na sya ulit cap..ewan ko bakit ganun yun haha..astig
Officiall na pala nirealease yung announcement nila na 1.3 mbps, so wala na tayu magagawa dyan kahit ano pa gawin natin tricks para maavoid yung capping, after ilang days macacapped at macacapped parin tayo sa 1.3mbs


I loaded my sim 600 pesos by accident 2weeks ago so may balance pa ako ngayon na 300 pesos pero na capped parin sya 3days ago

2 months ago i was thinking bakit sila cap eh sakin nmn malakas ang signal then it happened to me now i was like sana may problema lng sa smart kya mabagal kaso parang nagiging majority na yung 1.3mbps so I'm loosing my hope na tapos
gusto ko sana gumamit ng vpn kaso baka ma block😢😢😢
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fake pala yung page sa fb akala ko legit. may pinost pa na link ni jerome don para sa unli
pero tama naman sinabi non kasi fb at yt ang bagal eh.
facebook and YøùTùbé pla sya capped. kaya pala pag nag download ako sa chrome ok naman speed . at sa loob ng game . pero sa playstore mabagal din 1mbps