Android App Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs v6.8.14 APK + MOD (Unlocked)

Professora Akira

Oct 13, 2017
Ultimate Guitar will be a great choice in teaching people how to use the guitar perfectly regardless of different levels of expertise. It also comes with a wide variety of songs specially designed for guitar covers and a wide range of comfortable customization. Not stopping there, it also has a user-friendly community where people share or find new knowledge to improve their guitar skills.

The best lessons for Guitar learning​

Every lesson or dedicated instruction from Ultimate Guitar gives the user great opportunities to improve their guitar technique. However, the application will have a simple test to determine the user’s level, but it still allows everyone to enjoy all the free lessons. The good thing is that the lessons are divided into every single genre or category to suit everyone’s guitar styles.

-immense song library for all tastes
-level up and access to harder songs
-record your favorite plays
-create songs out of your imaginations

Detailed Guidancewith Visuals and Sounds​

Guitar lessons come with many specifics like pictures and sounds to keep the user up to date. Depending on the level of the songs, their tempos and details are complicated, but thanks to the dynamic interaction, the user can slowly follow everything with perfect harmony. In addition, the application will use the device’s microphone to recognize sounds from the user to evaluate their learning progress.
The application will support more tools and functions for users to design or popularize new songs with guitar skills. The built-in recorder automatically recognizes and rewrites the entire song in special formats, letting the user know the association or coordination between the melodies. People can share them with the community or save them for personal enjoyment, depending on individual decisions.

Ultimate Guitar is the best companion that users need for their entire guitar training. It adds a lot of fun content for everyone to explore, makes friends widely, and joins vibrant communities dedicated to fans or guitarists only.

  • Learn how to play guitar with the best efficiency.
  • Million of songs to play based on personal tastes, styles, and favorites.
  • Interact with other users in bustling and friendly communities.
  • Record and analysis records with detailed and high-quality sound sensors.
  • Compose new songs with endless imagination and supports.

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