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Python (Udemy Course) Become an iOS/Android Game Developer with Unity 2017


Mar 13, 2014
Re-create the most popular apps and publish them to the App Store / Play Store.

What you'll learn​

  • Build apps and publish them to the market.


    • Have a PC that can run Unity.
    • iOS or Android Device.
    • Description
    In this course we will take a look at the two most popular mobile games and re create them using Unity and C#.
    The games we will be recreating:
    • Cut The Rope ( This is our introductory game, we will recreate it mostly by using the built in Unity components, so that you get a bit more comfortable with the engine.)
    • Flappy Bird ( We will learn how Rigid bodies behave and how to create the illusion of an endless runner. )
    • Color Switch ( We apply all that we have learned so far to create our final game, and get it published to both iOS and Android.)
    We will then deploy these games to our Android device, as well as our iOS device using xCode.
    You will learn why xCode is very important when it comes to developing for the App Store.
    Learn how to earn money with free games using Advertisements ( Video Ads ).
    Finally we will show you how to publish these games to the App Store and/or Play Store.

    Who this course is for:​

    • Anyone who wants to learn how to develop apps for iOS/Android and publish said apps to the App Store and/or Play Store.​
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