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[tut] how to häçk your s40 phone java security

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La Freak

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Jan 16, 2013
Hey guys, Today I like to introduce to you a totally new method to häçk your phone security. Your Nokia phone won't ask your permissions anymore for all applications. Unlike the previous method you must sign your applications to pass Nokia security wall, however, some applications can not be signed by beHappy (eg: Auto-message (if not *****ed yet)) or get problems with certificate (eg: MobiMB mobile browser). This new method will help you solve all the problems. The KEY of this method is the ability to disable Nokia security wall so that all your applications will pass this wall ---> you no longer need .JAD file.
JAF PKey Emulator

You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now.You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now.
And Lastly, DATA USB Cable
Then follow everything seen in the images below:

1. Connect your Phone using USB DATA Cable to your PC via Nokia PC Suite.

2. Run JAF PKey Emulator (Note: kung naka-Windows 7 yung gamit nyong PC, right click nyo muna tapos -> Compatibility. Check nyo yung box sa taas ng Windows 7 tapos yung Run as Administrator)
8. Then, in "phone model" box choose "Normal Mode", after that your phone will automatically restart.
Note: Although the "Always allowed" option is hidden, just forget about it since you've already disabled Nokia security wall.

Basta siguraduhin nyo lang na walang problema sa USB DATA Cable nyo, at nai-connect nyo ng maayos ang phone sa PC, wala na kayong error na mai-encounter nyan

Here is the list of phones that support this method.
2626 (27), 2630 (48), 2660 (48), 2760 (48), 3109c (28), 3110c (28), 3120c (48), 3500c (28)5200 (28), 5300 (28), 5310 (48), 6021 (25), 6070 (25), 6080 (25), 6101 (25), 6103 (25), 6111 (68), 6126 (22) - phone ko, 6103 (22), 6230i (69), 6233 (67), 6270 (36), 6280 (67 ), 6300 (28 ), 6300i (48 ), 6301 (48 ), 7500p (48 ), 8600luna (22 ). 6280 (67), 6300i (48), 6301 (48), 7500p (48), 8600luna (22).
Note: IF your phone is not listed here, try this method +For S40v3 featured pack 2 (3110c, 3500,6300,5200,..): the row you should change is 28 +For S40v5 (2630, 5310,..): the row you should change is 48.

Note/Qoute : Credits to the people who Owned , Descovered , and Shared This TUT
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