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Hahaha for now nagaaral pa ako sa mga bagay bagay kaya for yhe mean time trivia trivia lng muna. :)
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Another trivia

Cats dont afraid in water but afraid to drowned
You cant see when you have eyes
Human can stock 25-50L in his/her body but they cant recycle it like a cammel but the 25% of they drink became a water blood between blood and water (can see it when you have sugat)
No one knows whoever the first one make the umbrella
75% of water are not explored
mantle isnt a lava its a rock with full of materials and resources but some of places in mantle are lava so its red too based on the science globe
80% of grass grow in the dirt
Lion is the king of the jungle
Plant have lives
French fries isnt made in france but first release in framce
3/4 of world is water
Smart humans have only dew thickle spots
Only 0.0000003% air can go to water without human help etc.