Smart TNT Sun Trick: Transfer Farmed-Paymaya Load Voucher to Main Sim Card Without Fee Thru Gigalife App

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Jul 8, 2017
What's up guys,

Wanna share this simple trick and I think most of you knew this already haha. But I just wanna share this for those who don't know yet this trick.

Since karamihan satin yata dito is blocked sim ang ginagamit pang farm. Then gusto natin i-transfer load to our main sim card.

The trick is all about on how to transfer farmed-Paymaya load voucher to your main sim card without fee.

The ff. are the steps:

1. Go to your Main Gigalife Account.

2. Unlink your Paymaya Account (if there's)

3. Link your farmed Paymaya Account.

4. You can now buy SMART/TNT prepaid load directly to your main sim card.

In short, wag muna mag buy don sa pang farm na sim after dumating Paymaya load voucher mo. Don ka lang mag buy sa main sim mo. So"Link And Unlink" lang siya.

This is more convenient yata ito kaysa don sa mag-send ng load with PHP1.00 fee. The bad thing with that, aside from fee, is that what if naka-roam on yong pang-farm na sim, diba di ma-sendan yon ng PHP2.00 except 100 plus.

Di na rin kasi maka-log in sa Paymaya App ko para don na bumili kasi parang under maintenance yata sila now.

Flex also your accumulated load. Hehe


P.S: Proof and tested ko na po ito. The post is not tutorial on how to farm but on to transfer farmed load. In a nutshell, past tense na ito. Haha. Happy farming guys.


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