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TOR users beware (Cornhusker)


Feb 21, 2016
Former Tor Developer Created Malware for FBI to Unmask Tor Users

In Brief

According to an investigation, Matt Edman, a cyber security expert and former employee of the Tor Project, helped the FBI with Cornhusker a.k.a Torsploit malware that allowed Feds to häçk and unmask Tor users in several high-profile cases, including Operation Tor**** and Silk Road.

Do you know who created malware for the FBI that allowed Feds to unmask Tor users?

It's an insider's job… A former Tor Project developer.

In an investigation conducted by Daily Dot journalists, it turns out that Matt Edman, a former part-time employee of Tor Project, created malware for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that has been used by US law enforcement and intelligence agencies in several investigations, including Operation Tor****.

Matt Edman is a cyber security expert who joined the Tor Project in 2008 to build and enhance Tor software's interactions with Vidalia software, cross-platform GUI for controlling Tor.

After 2009, Matt was hired by a contractor working for defense and intelligence agencies, including the FBI, to develop an anti-Tor malware.
The Tor Project has also confirmed the same, saying, "It has come to our attention that Matt Edman, who worked with the Tor Project until 2009, subsequently was employed by a defense contractor working for the FBI to develop anti-Tor malware."
Moreover, the team said Edman worked only on the Vidalia project that Tor dropped in 2013 and replaced it with other tools designed to improve the user experience.

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Honorary Poster
He will be hunted by all organizations including ISIS maybe. lol. They're using TOR as well. Torsploit though uses flaws in flash sa TOR which is a NO NO din pag gumagamit ka ng TOR.

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