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Closed Top 5 Signs Your Cell Phone Needs a New Battery

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1.The Phone is Dead

This may be an obvious one. However, it is a little more questionable sometimes. A phone that is dead from a battery that needs replacing is dead permanently. This means it does not charge. In addition, it shows no sign of power at all. No beeps. No sounds. No lights. Nothing. If the phone shows no signs of life after charging with a reliable charger, there is a good chance that the battery may need replaced.
2.The Phone Only Shows Power When Plugged In
If the battery is bad, it does not hold a charge to power the phone from its stored energy. However, if the phone functions properly, the phone may still power up when a power source is connected, and utilizes that power. If the phone does not power up after it has had time to charge thoroughly, it is more than likely time to get a new battery.
3.The Phone Dies Quickly
The phone may charge for the recommended amount of time, show a full charge, and then die, in no time at all. Some of the causes of this problem can be from game playing, listening to iTunes or other music sites, surfing the Internet, poor service, forgetting to turn Bluetooth off, or from long phone calls. If none of these are the issue, and the phone dies quickly after a full charge, it may be that the battery is bad and needs replaced
4.The Phone or Battery Starts to Feel Hot
Rechargeable batteries inevitably generate heat as they charge. However, most rechargeable batteries internalize the heat, thereby shielding it from becoming noticeably hot. If it starts to become hot to the touch, it may be time to consider a new battery.
5.The Battery Bulges
Sometimes, when a battery goes bad, the internal cells rupture, and cause a bulge to appear in the battery. You see this when you hold the battery is up. Additionally, a bulge makes it able to spin like a top when placing the battery on a flat surface.
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