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To our fellow ****rs agree ba kayo sa flavor ban ?

To our fellow customers, ****rs and vapor industry stakeholders.
We want to remind everyone again that based on existing laws (RA11467, RA11346 and EO106) with implementing rules and regulations of laws governing vapor products, starting May 25, 2022 all **** stores will only be allowed to sell PLAIN ******* and PLAIN MENTHOL flavors. Retailers/**** stores are also required to register with the FDA and apply for an LTO for RETAIL of vapor products, LTO and CPR for Importers and Manufacturers for their eliquid containing products.
Aside from this, we would also like to remind you of the existing law (RA11467) that mandates the payment of excise taxes on vapor products by importers and manufacturers of e-liquid containing products. This has been in effect since January 2020.
Furthermore, a Graphic Health Warning Law requirement on vapor products is also going to be implemented and mandated to take effect on May 11, 2022. The Industry is given 2 months thereafter to deplete its inventory of non-GHW compliant products which ends on July 10, 2022.
We encourage everyone to prepare for, in any eventuality to comply with these requirements of the law. Copies of these are available online.
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You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now.
However, As far as flavors, jurisdiction and age limits on the law is concerned, there is a recently approved
combined bill SB2239 from the Senate and HB9007 in Congress popularly known as the “**** BILL” which PROPOSES to sensibly regulate vapor products, it allows for other flavors but strictly prohibits descriptors and flavors that may entice youth uptake, sets the age limit of 18 yo and gives jurisdiction of vapor products to the DTI in cooperation with the FDA. This bill strictly regulates sales and manufacturing practices to protect our consumers.
We have extensively fought for and supported this bill, we hope and pray that this bill is signed by the President into a law, otherwise all provisions with regards to FLAVORS, AGE and JURISDICTION in the existing laws (RA11467, RA11346, EO106) will take into effect on May 25, 2022.
Excise tax on vapor products is a law which continues to be implemented with or without the **** bill.
Please be proactive in protecting your right to ****!
For further questions related to this, kindly refer to the attached links.
Thank you for your understanding.
Election is right around the corner, please do mindful of those who are running for a spot sa ating Gobyerno. Be mindful sa mga pumirma against **** Bill. Read and be informed.
People who voted out **** Bill:
Kiko Pangilinan
Pia Cayetano
Sarah Elago- Kabataan Partylist
Helen Tan- Quezon 4th district
Ruffy Biazon- Muntinlupa
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nakaka sad lang itong news na to


its a no .. dun na nga lang ako nag eenjoy sa mga flavored juice tinanggal pa kaya uunti din mga user ng ****