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Mar 20, 2016
Using a free service is always a good thing, especially when that free service is the Internet or a data connection that allows you to browse and do your thing online. It's fabulous and it's definitely something to be grateful for. However, you should always be aware of what you're doing and use your God given capacities to get what you want. I've been using vpns for quite some time now, so here are a few tips to maximise your service.

1. Read, and always read.
There are many contributors here on phcorner who supply an enormous amount of configurations, vpn handlers, apps and tools to help you. When you get on a thread, read what they're offering - what network is this for? What kind of OS is the app running on? Will my phone specs run it? Read everything that they provide on their thread and if you're willing, try then out. If they work, good for you, make sure you thank them. If not, then thank them anyways, you've got nothing to lose. And you add points to your profile.

2. If there are inquiries, ask politely.
The contributors here are kind and extremely generous with their time and effort, they often answer your questions when they have the chance. But just remember, don't ask anything that has already been provided in the primal/first posting. Also, go through the thread, explore it, someone might have already asked your question and had gotten an answer. If you have to ask, ask politely. Contributors don't serve you. They're assisting you with the freebie, so be grateful.

3. Learn some basic troubleshooting
This is so important guys. Let's say you're using psiphon, and you seem to always get disconnected. Try clearing the cache for the app via your settings on your device. If that doesn't help, try changing servers. Try changing your configurations on the handler ad well, do some trial and error. There's always a way of solving your own problems. If nothing helps, well phcorner is here for you to ask, but refer to no. 2.

4. Connection Problems
Connectivity depends on many things: your location, your phone specs, the handler you're using, the configs. There are apps that allow you to stabilize your connection. Try 'Connection Stabiliser Booster' which is free from the playstore. It does what it's name says it does. Fancy right? Run a handler that is compatible with your phone ram and other specs. If its slowing down your device, try another handler. Try different configs. Mix and match from different contributors.

5. What about CAPitan?
Data cap or data throttling is another issue many vpn users face. Don't be discouraged though. Some say you can beat it. Others say you can't. But you can definitely mix and match to find a way around it. Change servers if you have to. Change proxy serves every 15 minutes. What if it fails and you're still throttled to 30-50kbps? Then be grateful that you can still browse. Be assured that when we find a way to beat CAPitan, we're gonna share it with you guys!

6. Explore other tools
There are tools like Http injector which allows for a more stable connection. I personally haven't mastered it, so I can't set a tutorial for it. But learn from the masters. Read their threads, read their answers to questions. Don't worry about the .ehi files and confuse it with UTI. Explore them instead, you won't get UTI I assure you.

7. Turn lemons into lemonade

Let's say you can't seem to beat the cap. And you're throttled, then use at the proper capacity. If there's one thing I learn from CAPitan, it's to cap my self. Browse the net, use the slow connection to research on phcorner, read the news. If life gives you lemons, don't cry, make lemonade!

8. Be grateful
We seem to lack at times, an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude is not an action, it is often a state of mind. Being grateful opens you to many other possibilities. So be grateful to our beloved contributors, even if you didn't get what you wanted. A simple thanks and like goes a long way.

If you've read this far through the thread, then good for you! A like and thanks will go a long way. Enjoy your freebie!

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