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Closed Tips for Surviving La Niña

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Well now that winter is officially upon us, and tad bit early at that, it is a good time to make sure your property is prepared for La Nina. I have put together a short list of reminders that should help you get things ready for the colder months to come.

  • Have your furnace and air ducts cleaned if they need it
  • Be prepared to not leave the house for several days in the event of storm
  • Have a shovel ready if snow decides to show up
  • Check weather stripping on doors and windows and make sure they are forming a tight seal
  • Take precautions to make sure fountains do not freeze
  • Turn off exterior water and drain the ***** to reduce the chance of a burst
  • Block off the air vents in your basement if you have them. This will keep your house warmer.
  • Have de-icer ready
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