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This Villain Could Be The First to Receive an MCU Standalone Installment Following 'Avengers: Endgame'


Apr 22, 2018
Marvel’s failure, or resistance, to release a villain-centered movie remains one of its most controversial drawbacks, or assets, depending on how you view the predicament. Some feel Marvel villains lack individualized personas, succumbing to existences that merely serve to contrast the supers. Others argue that Marvel’s commitment to heroism over villainy is admirable, sending a positive message to the youth that the spotlight belongs to the noble, not the notorious.

Despite the obvious conflict, one villain-centered movie would work within the MCU. One tale, following the Fox/Disney merger, is now up for grabs and, given the character’s redemptive arc – from evil to good, rather than from human to inhumane — he fits with Marvel’s brand identity.

Marvel Studios should release an X-Men origin story for Magneto as part of the MCU
Magneto’s story is a complex one, as he is not a villain for his entire existence, but rather travels back and forth across the moral spectrum. The backstory: his parents and sister were killed in the Holocaust, and he committed his life to protecting mutant-kind, often prioritizing the mutant species over humanity, relegating the latter to lesser evolved status, and destroying possibilities for coexistence.

For years, Magneto is Professor Xavier’s primary adversary; they do not see eye to eye, for Xavier longs for cohabitation, while Magneto believes mutants should rule the humans (at first). Magneto’s vision is misguided and his life experiences leave him hardened, but he grows. In time, he comes to save the day. He does become a hero — with a lot of pushing, shoving, and unexpected circumstances nudging him along the way. However, he is first and foremost a villain. This origin story would be a villain tale, yet one that sets up a redemptive arc.

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