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This time last year, I lost my job.


May 4, 2021
It has been all over the internet last year, 11,000+ employees of one of the most prominent companies in the Philippines were laid off. And yes, I am one of them.

At the beginning, I didn't think that it's a big deal as I believe that better opportunities will come to me for sure as I'm quite experienced and good at my professional field. And to be honest, I was totally tired of my job and just wanna take a rest, refresh myself a bit then to start the next journey.

However, things didn't go as my expectation and even went worse. I found that it's very hard to get an interview opportunity even when I sent out tens of resume and went for my familiar head hunters, no one replied. It's just like the end of the world and gave me anxiety and depression for a long time. My dad also told me that it's not the end of the road yet but I just can't help but keep pondering upon the situation and asking God why it happened to me.

For a long time, I just lay on my bed, listen to the music all day long, umm... sometimes cry a little. And one day, I was listening to the music again and suddenly realized that, it was totally a redirection for me! I used to set aside my dream and my love for the music because I spent all the time on my job, worked overtime everyday. And now, I'm totally free and it is the time to follow my heart, enjoy the music and enjoy singing again. I shouldn't be depressed at all. So I created a TikTok account immediately, practice singing everyday and try to upload a cover song every week.

Today, more and more followers will wait for my weekly updates, they also tell me that my songs do relieve their sadness and pain in their tough time. I didn't aim to advertise myself so I won't share my account with you here, I plan to execute this little by little for I believe small steps go a long way. I just wanna share my experiecne with people who also get lost somewhere: the opportunity will just come in a sudden and it's never too late to start, to recalibrate and to build once again even you have forgotten it for a little while.

May each of us continue to dream!



Wow, buti naman at na-overcome mo ang sadness mo TS. Anong username mo sa tiktok? Patingin ng covers 😁

Welcome pala sa PHC! 😊🌻
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Haha thank you! I am not confident enough yet to promote hehe but thank you so much!!


t z u y u
Life goes on and i hope i will see or realized what i want also harharhar 😈. Thumbs for you! and wishing your success on what you love to do 😍.
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Thank you! Praying for your success too and everyone here in PhCorner 🙂


ɴ ᴇ ᴄ ʀ ᴏ ᴍ ᴀ ɴ ᴄ ᴇ ʀ💀
I feel you TS.
Also early last year I was laid off by my previous employer which my contract was not renewed. I tried recovering my lost of my job, but suddenly the pandemic came on March of last year, my plans had shattered to pieces.

I tried to talk to several people who works there, but still they can't help and solve my problem.

They said i had to apply on the private sector, which I was doing it since last year, still nothing right now.

Our hopes will be the recoveries of our lost jobs by next year. Since the national elections are coming, there will be a new mayor assigned in my city where I live, and that means they will get additional or new people in the city hall.

BTW, I don't do TICKTOK. I only spare my time always on PHC forums especially on the freemium accounts forum and i am a former LGU employee.

Anyways, I am not always on Phcorner. There are times that i'm active here.
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Aww thank you for this!! 💛


Last year has been a roller coaster ride for everyone, not only those people who lost their jobs but also those people who are employed yet trying to cope up with anxiety and depression brought about by the pressure at work (mostly working from home). Hence, it's good to hear that you've diverted your attention and focus on your talent to overcome your sadness. I am proud of you! :) I'm also a fan of TikTok videos. So hope to see you there and hope to hear your cover songs.

Anyway, we should move forward as we chase our dreams. Keep on dreaming!
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Love the last statement. Thank you! ☺️
We always find a way naman to be happy. to overcome sadness inside us. whatever we do. always choose life
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Well said! Yes po let’s choose to live a life that is designed for us by God 🙂


It's okay to go through sadness, especially when you find yourself in such situation, but not for long. It's always our choice to if we want to stay stuck or do something about our problem. Glad you're back with a new purpose. Good luck! I hope this brings forth something awesome in your life!


its always hard to say goodbye but in reality what makes goodbyes harder is the fear of starring over again, yung mag uumpisa ka na naman from scratch, the fear of not meeting expectations and more... but then you find a way to make it all feel better again, syempre di mo papabayaan ang sarili mo just be stuck in that void... im sure you're doing good now and I hope it gets better overtime ❤️❤️


I can totally relate in your situation. It’s difficult to lose something that’s very important to you. Ako din nawalan ng trabaho. But my world didn’t stop there,but of course you just need to go through the process it may take you sometime then eventually magiging ok ka din. Well ,actually, I also agree with you about music. Music gets me through everything. Go and pursue your singing career, malay mo diba? Stay positive and keep the faith!

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