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Stories The Lady in a Man's Body


Feb 11, 2021
The Lady in a Man's Body
MGL Emvie

Strict rules became the foundation of the Great School where Harith had to survive. He was a timid boy yet, a lady in heart, so he feared the rules. He followed them at all cost until one day, he found out that he forgot to dry his polo uniform.

Such misfortune! One rule said that during school days, 'wear school uniform'.

He turned to his neighbors. However, even though the youngsters went to the same school, all of them were girls. He needed uniform and skipping class is out of the options. So instead, he decided to borrow a blouse.

And then Harith came to school wearing the blouse uniform. But when he arrived in the gate, there rained all the student's eyes like a monkey's mockery and hailstorm of laughters.

"Really! I knew you were gay!" Harley shouted from the crowd.

Harith's cheeks smoldered and turned to embers. His head falls to a nod and his eyebrows crumpled. If only a magic earplug turn off his eardrums or a whirlwind sweep these people...

In an attire that was unusual to their sight, they were convinced that Harith was cursed. And so the students screamed in unison, "Harith gay! Harith gay!"

After that Harith was asking himself if being a lady in a man's body is a mistake. And so he was deserving to stand in that stage of shame.

"You look fabulous!" Harley exclaimed. "Perfect! The circus are in need of entertainers!"

Harith halted his steps.

A few moments later the President of the student council came, and her presence silence the crowd. And then they made an isle as a path towards Harith. A sour and bitter vibe emanated from her purple blouse free from wrinkles. Her silky but wavy hair were magnets to the eyes. And yes, her pupils were sharp like how she took her steps, which the sound of her footsteps commanded respect. She was student council President Chang'e.

"What has come to this place?" she said.

"Pres," said Harley, "Harith wears a uniform that is contrary to his gender. We have our suspicion that he is gay. Seems we are right. He does not deny this and that's disgusting!"

"We are not going to overlook this." Chang'e said.

Then the crowd shouted in unison, "Sus-pen-sion! Sus-pen-sion!"

A suspension in a prestigious school was like a scar a student must carry until the last day. As a sign of offense, it brought dishonor to one's family. And the council president had the authority to serve this sentence.

During the heat, there then flew to Harith's direction crumpled papers and erasers thickened with chalk powder.

"Stop! Here and now we end this madness." Chang'e said.

"Your verdict, Pres?" Harley said.

But before Chang'e could speak, the crowd saw Nana rushing. "Look! The messenger of Principal Alice!"

"Council President Chang'e and the student Harith. You have been summoned to the Principal's office." Nana said.

So Chang'e and Harith went to the Principal's office, escorted behind by the crowd.

There they stood before the threshold of the office. The place was neat but the room was small. However, the systematic arrangements of shelves, tables, and chairs made the room feel spacious. Stepping inside, the huge glass window would greet visitors with a dazzle. And infront of the window was a desk, where the silhouette of the principal leaned with her elbows.

"First things first. Harith. Are you gay?" Alice said.
Harith, staring his feet, stepped forward. And with his nervous voice, he answered, "Yes. Madam Principal."

"Madam Principal. This is unacceptable. Not even normal. Students of the school who sees this feel disgust!" Chang'e said.

Harith stepped back.

"Hm. You're right, President Chang'e." Alice said. "What's your reasoning, Harith?"

"The uniform I have is still wet but I needed to come to school so I needed to wear this uniform."

Alice laughed in silence. "Anyone who overstepped the rules shall receive harsh punishment. But I believe laws are made to promote freedom."

"What do you mean, Madam Principal?" Chang'e asked.

"Strict rules. Come to school without a uniform and you'll be punished. Skip school and you'll have heavier price to pay. But we own no rules saying men can't wear blouses."

"But polos are for men and blouses are for ladies."

"Am I not wearing a polo today?" Alice said while gently raising the collar of her polo. "Well, it's rather unusual for men to wear blouses."

"Then?" Chang'e said in an excited tone.

"But rules are made to breed good attitude and discipline, to guarantee freedom and harmony. All laws are in line with morals and ethics. So why disgust gays? Because of belief? It is known that many tends to be sexually abusive, but just like men-- We ladies don't trust men easily because we think about the motives brewing in their minds. But we also know not all men are alike, and the same thing apply to gays. Beliefs and personal opinions should not be forced to others so let me ask, what did this student do wrong?"

Then there was three seconds of silence. "Nothing, Madam Principal."

"Is there something that goes against the rules that you should be reporting instead?"

"Nothing, Madam Principal."

"Where's your justice? Does your belief clouded your eyes?" Alice said. "Should you serve the hammer of justice to the people who mocked, insulted, and shamed this young man? Instead, his bravery of revealing his true feelings is commendable."

After that Harith stepped up and bowed. "That is alright, Madam Principal. I feel glad to have you listening my side. And I understand that the President did only what he thought is best. Please, forgive her and everyone.

After that, Alice smiled and clapped her hand with grace and gentleness. "People should remember that sometimes gays have more manliness in them." she said.

Author's Note: "Thank you for reading this short story. I am trying to be a man of literature but I am not professional. I wish to provide stories more beautiful and more entertaining. So please, I need your help. Comment your constructive criticisms, thoughts, and opinions about this story. Finally, thank you and have a wonderful day!"


This is a good story. And very much timely, esp for this month.
Happy pride month.🌈
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Thanks! May I ask your constructive criticism so that I may improve my writing? Please 🥺
Wow, nice po ang story neto ah! Thanks😊 at gaya ni boss sa taas, timely nga siya for pride month...
Good job po TS!😉

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