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Stories The Kite of Her Last Breath


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Aug 31, 2015
The Kite of Her Last Breath

Elizabeth hangs her head. She is having her daily thoughts. Most people worry about the thoughts she continuously has, but to her, they are normal. They are thoughts that no one understands.
Elizabeth begins to realize that a tear is racing to her chin. Her hand comes up as fast as possible, and pretends as it never exsisted. She sees her bus, and slowly limps up the stairs to find a seat. Her clutzy self forces her to trip. Maybe someone left their bag in the aisle... she thought. But what she assumed was incorrect. As soon as she heard the laughter, each a different kind, she realized her mistake. She feels her face warm up, and she looks down, ignoring -as best as she can- the annoying bullies.
Hoping that -just like in the movies- a kind heart would help her up, but after a few minutes, she knows it won't happen. She continues to ignore all of the insults, damaging words, and laughs until she gets home.
Elizabeth is sitting in her bedroom, with her hands over her head. She attempts to yell as loud as she can, but the fact her family may hear stops her. She ignores the waterfall of tears flooding her face. She is reminded of every single bad memory possible to come to her mind, and the stress becomes worse. She remembers the first day of High School, remembering every shock of pain the violent bullies gave her. The death of her father, right in front of her eyes; the only person she could actually trust. When her father died, all of her hopes were destroyed. The first day she grabbed the knife, the pounding headache banging into her brain. The day she was betrayed; there wasn't even a reason to leave Elizabeth like her "friends" did. The day her mother began to drink more *******, more than she ever had. The morning her baby brother died in his mother's stomach... she couldn't think anymore, all she could see was a blur.
She ran to her bathroom, directly across from her room, and began searching throughout her family's cabnits. Looking for the best pill to overdose with; she began to panic. The thought she should've had was that she was never going to live again, her life would be over, and she didn't even give herself a chance. But all she could think was,where are the *****, where are the damn *****?!?. She looked at every bottel, searching for the one that could end her depressing life.
None of the bottels containing ***** seemed to be the right one. She quickly thinks of another way, What else can I ****ing do, all I can imagine is bleach... Without making a sound, she runs toward the ******, finds the small shelf where her mother stores the bleach, opens the large container, and whispers, please let it end, let it end, led it end god damn it! She feels a waterfall of tears. She has already dumped the liquid on to her skinny body. She tastes the thick liquid pouring into her throat.
She collapses to the tiled floor, her last breath fading away as if it were a kite a child let free into the wind.


Author Notes: Depression, low confidence, suicidal thoughts; they all can damage a life roughly. I typed this story for you to read, so you can understand how one depressed or however they are feeling sounds clear. You can try to help heal a suicidal etc., but I can guarantee that it won't be easy.
Credits to respectful owner (Y)

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