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Feb 17, 2017
To those who want to be scholar to na po chance nyo

First install TG kindly message me @poitatoo

IN ORDER FOR YOU TO AVAIL OUR SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMPlease download telegram in playstore and send me a message!
Search my name

Get your free [88.0 TEAM token] to be a sponsored scholar of @poitatoo Axies Team

click 👇🏽 link
👉🏽 t.me/TEAMwalletBot?start=1930901940 👈🏽

And follow these steps 👇

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ang purpose ng wallet mo ay para malaman mo kung ilan na ang points/token sa wallet mo

kasi dito sa group

pag umabot ng 8k ung points/token mo

matic scholar kna

ang purpose ng mga event

ay to gain points/token

ung monday tuesday at wednesday

pag nabunot ka sa raffle dun

meron ka 1k points/token

tapos top 8 ung kukunin

after mabuo ang top 8

elimination round yan

last man standing

ilalagay name nyo sa spin a wheel

ung huli na matira automatic scholar

pero ok lng kung matanggal ka dun atleast meron ka na 1kpoints

tpos ung thursday at friday iba un

example thursday

para mapabilang ka sa top 8 chats

dpat marami ung chat message mo

ganun din sa referral

ang kaibahan lng sa thursday at friday

8 lng kau maglalaban para sa scholarship

ilalagay name nyu sa roleta

pag ikaw ung huling natira sa roleta

matic ikaw ang scholar

pero ok lng kung hindi ikaw ung huling mapipili

kasi example

kasali ka dun sa roleta bilang top 8

tpos ikaw ung unang natanggal sa spin a wheel

meron kpa rin 1k points

kung ikaw ung pangalawang natanggal

2kpoints un

tpos pangatlong natanggal is 3k

and so on...

hanggang matira ung isa

But you can also gain points through referral
1 referral = 8.88 teamtoken

How to attendance?
Go to your Teamwallet Bot
and type:
/checkin (must be 8am exact)
/checkout (must be 4pm exact)
Attendance is from
Monday to Friday
Voicecall with manager
9pm-10pm mon-fri

Sa mga bago..

Ugaliin at pagaralan ang mga sumusunod

For All New Member of Team Axs Family

5 ways to be one of the scholar athlete

1 perfect ATTENDANCE - monday raffle meeting

2 voicechat participants - tuesday raffle meeting

3 complete Team Wallet validated - wensday raffle meeting

4 top 8 most chat - thursday raffle meeting

5 top 8 refferals - friday raffle. Meeting

Mon to fri 9pm voice chat meeting with our manager and scholar athlete..

Bago po tayo maging iskolar kailangan natin ng 8,888 token sa wallet natin as proof na we are deserving schoolar.

Pano makakakuha ng token yan po sa list 1 to 5

Kailangan lang yan sundin at everyday raffle at mabunot ka dumadami ang token o points mo

Once 8888 na token o points mo automatic iskolar kana

Welcome to Team AXS newcomers!. ito po ang mga guide paano magCheck in sa " Team Wallet Channel "

How to Check In:
Go to Team Wallet
/ CheckIn

How to Check out:
Go to Team Wallet
/ Checkout

How to get Referral Code:
Go to Team Wallet
/ Referral

Check in: 8:00 am (0800H)
Check out: 4:00 pm (1600H)
Total Hrs : 8 Hrs
Philippine Time
Voice call @ 9:00 pm
hello kindly be inform, you need to edit your bio😊

First you need to do set up your Team ID in your Bio and put of your real photo /picture in your profile and complete name to avoid disqualification..

Here's how you can set up your Team ID in your Bio:

Team ID:
-Go to your Team Wallet Bot in Telegram
-Type /Wallet wait for the reply
- Copy ten digit ID number
-Simply go back to your Telegram
-Tap three line upper left
-Tap on your Profile and tap bio, then paste your User ID number and your done😊