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Tutorial Smart LTE Bug Unlimited Internet PROMO

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Mar 29, 2015
ew trick has been discovered by the experts in bugging, since the infamous Globe has been gone for some time, häçkers found a way to bug the SMART LTE SIM. How to have free LTE internet without expiration? We have a few methods credits to phcorner forums for the effort. Basically we will use your Android phone or SMART Bro USB broadband or any unlocked broadband or even SMART pocket WIFI.

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SMART LTE SIM (Recommended prefixes 0949, 0928, 0947) or any will do.
Php50.00 load
Android phone, or iPhone, or SMART USB broadband, or pocket WIFI

Procedure for Android phone or iPhone using flight mode:

First, register to LTE (space) 50 and send to 2200 and wait for the confirmation message.
Then, register to UNLISURF (space) 50 and send to 2200, this time do this even without load. You will receive a message service unavailable.
Connect to the internet, just take not that you must have the following starting IP's (10.140/155/159/181 for Luzon) and (10.141/159 for Visayas/Mindanao area).
Enter flight mode (AKA Airplane mode) 30 minutes or 1 hour before expiration to the LTE promo.
Disable the Airplane mode after one hour and try to connect to the internet
If its successful, congratulations your SIM is now bug with a very long expiration date, just make sure you have one of those LTE IP.

Bug SMART LTE using USB Broadband or Pocket WIFI:

Register to LTE 50 send to 2200
Again, register to UNLISURF 50 send to 2200 and you will receive service unavailable but that's okay.
Connect your USB modem, and remember to take note of the IP (10.140/155/159/181 for Luzon) and (10.141/159 for Visayas/Mindanao area). To check your IP on PC, run CMD and type "ipconfig/all" without quotes.
Use and disconnect the internet as much as you like, but....
Disconnect 30 minutes or 1 hour before expiration, after that connect again and check if you can access the internet, if you can connect then your SIM is now bugged.

Note: This might not work all the time, so do this at your own risk. But there are many accounts of successful bugging, for now this is the best trick to bug SMART LTE SIM for unlimited free internet.
Please Feedback at the comment section if its working with you.


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