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signs your partner has become a Facebook cheater



They make sure you have no access to their Facebook

Now I’m not saying that they’re obligated to give you their Facebook password or to let you scan every single thing on their account. But if you feel like your partner is always extra cautious about giving you any sort of access to their account, if they always make sure that they log out of their Facebook every time they open it even on their own phone, and if you’ve noticed them looking rather uncomfortable whenever you pass by them during their browsing time, then something is definitely fishy.

The first thing they do in the morning is to check their Facebook, usually in private

It’s not uncommon these days to find every person grabbing their phone first thing in the morning. Even our alarms are set on cell phones now. But if you’re with a Facebook cheater, this early morning ritual won’t just be a casual 5 minute check. You’ll notice that the first thing they open on their phone is their Facebook account and they’ll usually disappear into the bathroom or to another room, using it for hours on end.

They are extremely possessive about their phone

The majority of their day is spent on the phone but if you’ll ask, they won’t ever have much to say about what they were reading or doing or listening or watching on it. It will be hard, or even impossible, to catch their attention when they’re on their phone and in the few minutes when they’ll put it to rest, they’ll make sure that the phone stays in the palm of their hands or right beside them, for no one else to touch. And if they ever notice you or anyone else even glancing towards their phone, you’ll notice how visibly uneasy they look.

You notice lots of likes and comments from just this one new person

Of course, we all have hundreds of friends on Facebook and it’s not possible for you to be familiar with each and every one of your partner’s Facebook friends. But the thing with these random friends, who even your partner doesn’t know very well, is that they won’t show much activity on your partner’s timeline.

Their presence won’t be significant and it’s very unlikely that any of these friends will ever catch your attention. But if you’ve started to notice this one new person who is always the first one to like your partner’s pictures and even comment with some inside joke they seem to share, then maybe it’s time to get to know who this unfamiliar person is.

They are always defensive and prepared to fight

This is actually a common trait that all kinds of cheaters share. If you’ll ever question them over their suspicious behavior or try to find out what’s actually going on, they’ll be ready to get angry and leave, to deny your accusations without any explanation of what the problem was and maybe to even shift the blame towards you.