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Help Si Sir Jerome ho ba ito?

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May nag upload nito sa tiktok, yung unli data register website ni Sir Jerome. Di pa naglagay ng credits.

Kung sino kaman at nakita mo to. Please give credits if d ka si Sir Jerome. Baka ma wala patong trick nato.

Edit: Goods na nalagyan mo na ng credit kung sino talagang may-ari. But please, if nakikita mo to, don't ever forget na mag lagay ng credits as a way of appreciation of someones' effort. We're lucky na libre lang to and we could access it anytime and anywhere (as of now).

I hope tumagal pa tong trick na to so that marami pang makakatipid na nagbubudget especially to those people na were in their tight budget.

Thank you po Sir Jerome Laliag and your constituents (if meron man) for sharing this to us, freely.

I'll close this thread since it has been clarified and my objectives were achieved na. This is also an awareness to people who do not give importance in giving credits to the rightful owners of a property.

To the distinguished TikTok owner who I specified above that may have already seen this thread, thank you for noticing and making changes, giving credits to the rightful owner is a HUGE step of practicing appreciation.


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