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May 6, 2016
With real love, there will be no fear or insecurity either. In normal love, physical distance between two people causes a lot of insecurity and a lack of trust.

A small story:
A young soldier went to his s to go out and get him.’ The officer said, ‘Permission refused. Your friend is most probably dead. I don’t want you to risk your life going there.’ The young soldier went all the same and came back mortally wounded and carrying the corpse of his friend. The officer was furious. He shouted, ‘I told you he was dead. Now I have lost both of you. Tell me, was it worth going out there to bring a corpse?’ On the verge of dying, the soldier replied, ‘It was, Sir. When I got there he was still alive. He said to me, I was sure you would come.’

Real love doesn’t look for utility. It operates on sheer trust and is also beyond space and time.

God bless :)