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Stories Short Stories » Money Can’t Buy Everything



Nick is a 10 year old boy. He was the only son to his parents. His father was a hard-working business man and he could hardly spend time with his son. Nick’s father would reach home after he slept, and leave home, before he woke up, or sleep until he left for school. His father hardly had any time for Nick or his family. He could not accompany him or the family. Just like any other boy, Nick wanted to go outdoors with his father and have fun.

One day, Nick was surprised to see his father at home in the evening.

“Dad, it is a big surprise to see you at home”, Nick said.

“Yes son, my meeting was cancelled and my next flight is delayed by 2 hours. So I’m at home”, his father replied.

The conversation between Nick and father:

Dad, may I please ask you a few questions?

Yes, my dear son, please proceed.

When will you be back?

Tomorrow noon!

Dad, how much do you earn a year?

Dear, it’s a very big amount and you won’t be able to understand it.

Ok dad, are you happy with the amount you earn?

Yes my dear. I’m very happy, and in fact I’m planning to launch our new branch and a new business in a few months. Isn’t that great?

Yes, dad. I’m happy to hear that.

So, do you have any other questions Nick?

Yes, father, I do have one more question.

Ask me then!

Dad, you don’t want to tell me how much you earn a year or a month. But can you tell me what you earn a day or even half a day?

Nick, why are you asking this question? I have provided you with all the possible luxuries.

No dad, you have always given the best to me, but please answer me. It would be really nice if you can tell me how much you earn in an hour?

Nick, this is not fair and you should not be questioning your father about his income.

Nick asked his mother to support him.

Nick and his mom requested to answer his hourly income, if not the daily income.

Nick’s father replied, it will be around Rs.1000/- per hour.

Nick ran to his room upstairs, and came down with his piggy bank that contained his savings.

Dad, I have Rs.3000/- in this box. Can you spare three hours with me? I want to go to beach and have dinner with you tomorrow evening. Can you please mark this in your schedule?

Nick’s father was speechless!

Running behind money makes children deprived of love and care from parents. Money can’t buy everything!


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