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Tutorial Screen flickering Issue After Android 12 Update

Professora Akira

Oct 13, 2017

Method 1: Close all apps from the background​

Apps running in the background of your device, especially heavy applications use a lot of your CPU and GPU resources. So, if you have a lot of applications opened in the background, it may degrade the performance of your device. And eventually, it may also result in various types of issues including the screen flickering issue as well.Close all the apps from the background. This will free the CPU resources and many times it also cleans a lot of temporary glitches from the device. As a result, if the screen flickering issue on your device is some sort of glitch, it will help resolve it.

Method 2: Force Restart Your Device​

If the first method looks too normal to resolve the issue and it doesn’t, perhaps you should try force restarting your device. Different Android devices have different ways to force restart the device. Therefore, you can search about how to force restart the device you are using. If the screen flickering issue on your device is due to some mere glitch, it shall resolve it all.

Method 3: Change Screen Resolution​

In another instance, it has been observed that the screen flickering issue keeps on occurring in the HD screen resolution. However, changing the resolution from HD to FHD has proven effective in many cases.

Method 4: Check for malware and virus​

If not any serious fault, it is possible that your device has malware or any virus which is causing this flickering issue. Virus or malware can trigger such instances where your screen might show flickering instances.

Method 5: Check for prank apps​

Yeah, this sounds silly, but there are many prank apps available on the play store which can cause screen flickering, fake calls or fake sound effects from your device.

Method 6: Factory Reset the Device​

Whenever we hear about a factory reset, it always comes unexpected as we have a fear of losing data. However, if the screen flickering issue is your major concern right at the moment, and by any chance, if it is happening due to a firmware problem, a factory reset should definitely fix it.

Make sure, you take a backup of all the essential files in your SD card, Clouds, or some other device before factory resetting your device. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Open your device Settings.
  • Go to System and select Backup & Reset.
  • Click on erase option and select erase all data.
  • Finally, select Format Phone Storage and tap on Clear Now.

Method 7: Wipe Cache Partition​

Well, many a time, wiping cache partitions can successfully deal with such issues. And it has already proved effective for some users. You can simply reboot your device to the recovery screen and go for wiping the cache partition. Additionally, make sure to select the repair apps option as well. It will cure all infected apps on your device.

Method 8: Check Hardware​

It is quite possible that the screen flickering issue is due to some hardware fault in the screen component itself. If there is a hardware fault, then you have to get your screen replaced via the authorised service centre.

excerpt from : getdroid