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Sally’s cafe v1.0.4 (mod) apk


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Jan 24, 2011
Sally’s Cafe v1.0.4 (Mod) Apk

Game review:
Experience Sally’s first ever adventure as she restores her grandfather’s cafe to its former glory, turning it into one of the most renowned restaurants in the neighborhood. Live her journey and help Sally realize her dreams of making the cafe the best in the world. Battle the greedy landlord, Mr.Van der Loo and stop him from selling off Sally’s cafe.Sally’s Cafe is a time management game unlike any other! Play through two exciting game modes – ‘Story’ and ‘Free Play’. Progress through the 100+ levels in ‘Story’ mode to unlock new items, upgrades and power-ups and purchase them with the coins you earn. If you love time management, food stand, cooking dash type of order completion games then this is the game for you

Use the items unlocked through ‘Story’ mode in ‘Free Play’ and satisfy more customer orders to score more. Take the cafe fever online as you compete with friends for high-score supremacy. Share your ‘Free Play’ scores over Facebook and become the best cafe manager out there!

✔Restaurant management – Exhilarating time management gameplay; similar to diner dash and burger stand games, that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
✔Two unique game modes:
● Story Mode – A fully illustrated story with more than 100 levels.
● Free Play – A sandbox mode where you can *take part in global high-score competitions* or play freely without any objectives.
✔Sky-high burgers – Make towering burgers tall enough to touch the ceiling. You could even reach for the sky were you managing your own burger stand or stand o’ food and not a cafe.
✔Super fast gameplay – Make burgers with as many as six layers at a time for customers and serve them side orders, all in less than 90 seconds.
✔Kids friendly content – A real eye candy for kids – Bring out the creativity in your children! No violence or monsters or zombies or scares.
✔In-game store – Unlock new items to serve in your cafe as you progress through the story, and buy even more; such as – more ingredients for burgers and new types of cola, coffee, juices, donuts, ice creams, cakes etc. – from the store with the coins you earn!
✔ Power-Ups – Choose between three special power-ups during gameplay to achieve even higher scores.

What’s in this version:

✔ Calendar navigation screen glitch fixed.
✔ Crashing:
- Day 9 crash frequency reduced. In case of a crash, simply start the game again to play Day 10.
*Game still crashes randomly at scoreboard. We’re currently working on a fix. In the meanwhile, we’ve implemented a new saving system with the new update that saves your progress even if the game crashes. You can now progress through the game even after a crash by simply restarting it.

Requires Android:2.2 and up


Download Here:
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