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Aug 31, 2015

aw everyone one rushed threw the bisy hall way in jackhight everyone pusing right threw me like i was trash soon i grew tierd of all the noise and walked into the bath room i sat on the floor covering my face until i heard the door open I looked up and mutter god then i put my head down. kyle kicked my bag across the floor i sode on am the walk toward my bag. I looked at my hands i then looked at Kyle he said i know you'r not lookin at me cutter boy . I said no why you want me too Kyle said man stop playin i'll hurt you
i rolled my eyes and grabbed my bag and said i don't have timeright know i felt sick what the heck was i doing i said bye befor i could walk away he said wait he clicked a botton no his phone then threw int on the floor and grabbed my arm and then threw me into the wall and said fight me man come on man I said na man he grabbed my shirt i then pushed him off me soon the bath room saw full of fight thursty teen boys i got hurt badly but i stuck up for my life i threw punchs untill i dorped with pain soon the door opend a cute girl with her hair in front in her face saw me bleeding She coverd her mouth and walked threw the boys and sat down next to me as she looked at me get get all twisted up She began to cry I hit the growned and thats were I layed for two hours she sat with me until i woke up agin i looked around she said god are you okay i almost fell to the floor agin but she grabbed my back

After that we got to know each other soon we were bf and gf by the time we got close kyle started at her i couldn't take it any more i started fighting in the middle of me abot to win he rapped his arm around my neck and a cold medal gun pushed on my head i droped my hand on my heart and said RUNAWAY WEST RUN FAR AWAY she fell to her nee's and said no i cant no Please kyle you win leave him a lone please. Soon i closed my eyes and said come on then kill me right her infront of your friends and mine and my girlfriend so come on like the way you wanted I closed my eyes closed Agin And i screamed Come on
My friend rucka stode up and so did Everyone i loved We all sceamed and said come on Kyle kill me Like you want . Kyle grew more tighter tward me i said West Run run Far away away for here she stode up and said you don't have to die there is nothing more to beg for. Kyel said get her out of here chas e he pushed the gun closer I said get go away runawy west she walked away and said i loved you chase and she ran toward me and pused me out the way and he put the gun at west and I said no and moved infront of her i died for you i said them he shot the gun it hit me like the felling of a goodbye i stode back up and said see man i'm not worth it and i pulled my shirt off and felt my blode roll of my Skin then i said see i'm gone forever and when you get home tell the devil i said they wassup.
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