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Jul 18, 2018
Ryuko Legend of Shadow Hunter” is a passionate fighting adventure game. with the next-generation console-level game graphics adding a wonderful plot. Each character has its own background story, and they have distinct characteristics. In order to destroy the dark you You will embark on the road of revenge and grow into the strongest fighter in battle after battle. The game uses a third-person perspective to fight.

Game Features:-

-A very bleak, distorted, focused, and most importantly, a challenging experience.

– Japanese role-playing game, one of the best third-person action role-playing games.

–Explore the journey of the brave shadow hunter who returned after 20 years of exile and the arduous journey of revenge.

Game highlights:-

1. Diversified gameplay methods, various powerful character skills can be combined by players;

2. 3D real game scene, smooth character fighting action, wonderful and rich game plot;

3. Relying entirely on one’s own operation ability to kill the opponent, go around the opponent’s back and give a fatal blow;

4. A large number of rich and powerful weapons and equipment, quick upgrade of weapons can greatly increase your attack power.

The visual effects are very gorgeous. The characters inside are divided into different factions. Their fighting styles are completely different. To become the most powerful fighter, you must not only understand the attributes of the characters, but also master their fighting styles. , The overall operation feel of the game is excellent, and the pictures and actions are very smooth

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