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Dec 7, 2012
No one in the world has tasted nectar except for me. Do you know who that nectar is? You, my love!

How I wish that I could spend my whole life under the skies watching the stars with you? You're the first and last person I want in my life. Love you dear.

You make my whole world go round. You make my whole world stand still. You make my life worth living. You make me the person I am! I love you.

From the first time I met you till today, you've been my rock solid pillar and my safety gear. Today I want to let you know that I'd be lost without you. Don't ever leave me.

I wouldn't care if the sun didn't shine, I wouldn't care if it didn't rain and I wouldn't care if I couldn't enjoy winter's delight. All I care about is to see your face and feel your presence every single day in my life. I love you.

Joy comes is all forms – family, career, ambitions, achievements but my source of all the joy in this world is one. You, my dear. You're the best boyfriend ever.

They say that I Romeo and Juliet's was the biggest love story in the whole. I don't agree because our romance tops the list, any day!

The first thing I think about when we separate after meeting up, is when I will be able to see you again. I crave for you that much.

For most people in the world, KISS written in block letters means Keep it short and simple. For me KISS means asking you to come and KISS me! I love you.

I wouldn't trade you for anything in this world. I love you so much.

No amount of distance, pain, fights or differences in opinion can break our bond. We're like the best of friends and the deepest of lovers.

I don't want roses, diamonds, jewelry or other girly knick knacks. All I want is a great life with you ahead. Stick with me dear.

Being the best boyfriend comes with a price. You've got to be better and better for me year after year!

The more I get to know your mistakes, your shortcomings and your limitations, the more I love you because it just makes me think how similar you are to me!

Do you want to know how much I love you? Don't bother. You'll run out of time and I will run out of paper. All you need to know is that I love you!


You are on my mind every second, every minute, every hour, every day and every single time I blink. You fill all the space in my mind and heart. I love you baby. You're a super boyfriend.

The most exciting and amazing feeling in the world is that you're madly in love with me. I couldn't ask for anything more in life.

The best comparison I can make for you is that you are like my breath. I hope it never leaves me!

What I love about is that you adore my peculiarities instead of complaining about them. And one more thing that I love about you is that you have no peculiarities to complain about!

The best and the most accommodation facility for me is your heart. I pay no rent and I get to live there for as long as possible! Thanks sweetie. I love you.

You will always be the only one to occupy the place in my heart. It is only you who I have loved this much. You are no less than a blessing to you. My heart wishes to spend each and every moment with you. I love you.

When I am with you, it feels like a dream come true. You are my angel from heaven. I love you.

I cannot find words to tell you how much I love you. You mean everything to me. Please stay by my side forever. I love you so much.

The whole world seems to be a totally different place. It all feels like a beautiful dream. I am so much in love with you. Today I promise you to love you forever.

I cannot possibly think of loving anyone else the way I love you. You are my life, I cannot imagine my life without you.

Right from the day I met you, I find my heart moving in one direction alone. Yes, that is towards you my love.

I feel lost in love with you my dear. Only togetherness can do this. Your love conquers my thoughts all the time. I love you big time.

I wish that God always keeps blessing you and fill your life with never-ending happiness. I never want to see you sad. I love you so much and I can do whatever it takes to make you happy. I love you!

They say, you won't know what it is to be in love till you finally fall in love. But after meeting you, I finally realized what love is about. I'm crazy in love with you.

I just cannot wait to meet you and to see your face. I don't want to live without you. I love you so much. God bless our love.

I feel so lost without you. I don't want to live like this. I miss you so much my love. I am overwhelmed with your love!

Last night I was counting each star with a reason to love you. I was doing very good until I ran out of stars!

My smile for you will never fade,
My heart for you will never break.
When I am with you,
The world seems to awake!

All day long I hear people shout but when I hear your voice, you fade away the crowd. I love you.

A candle may melt and time may fade. In the bright sunlight, you give me my shade. When I am in your arms, I feel completely swayed. I love you!

Arms that will hold me at my weakest, eyes that have seen me at my ugliest, heart that loves me at my worst, I have found everything in you and that is why I have found love in you.

You fill my world with so much happiness and joy. You are my knight in shining armor. You are someone for whom, I have been waiting all my life. Thank you for being a part of my life. I love you.

All my life I have searched but I never found someone who is so perfect for me. You make my life complete. With you I need not worry about the future because, as long as I have you by my side, I know the future will only be a pleasant surprise. I love you.

You are the best boyfriend in this whole world. I'm so glad I caught you. I will never let go of someone so precious to me. I love you.

I'm not asking for diamonds. I am not asking for the world, I am just asking for you to call me your Baby girl.


You are the one, I always dream of,
You are the perfect man, who compliments me,
And completes me,
I love you so much sweetheart,
You are the only one I want to see!

You comfort me when I am sad,
You guide me through, when situations are bad,
You are my true superhero, can’t imagine my life without you,
My love for you is pure and true,
I love you my hero with each passing day,
I love you more!

The more I spend time with you,
The more I love you,
Living with you night and day,
Means spending time with you,
You are the most amazing person ever,
Thanks for being in my life honey!

You are the apple of my eyes,
You are the smile on my face,
You are the feeling in my heart,
Without you, I am incomplete,
Because you complete me sweetheart,
I love you loads!

From the first gleam of the sunlight,
To the sweet rays of the moon,
You are always on my mind honey,
Life is nothing without you,
Just want to say, that I love you a lot!


Honorary Poster
i like this line:
How I wish that I could
spend my whole life
under the night skies watching
the stars with you?
You're the first and last
person I want in my life. I love you dear.

Feels like heaven pag narinig ko yan mula sa kanya.. :love:

Keala Yuriko Kazumori

PHC - Dyosa ®
Message ba kamo? Eto..
Para kay future boyfriend.. Ehem ehem.

Gusto kita sa umaga
Gusto kitang makatabi sa bus..
Gusto kitang amuyin..
Gusto kong magluto tayo ng noodles..
Gusto kong mabulukan ng ngipin dahil sayo..
Gusto kitang paypayan..
Gusto kong matulog tayo sa hapon..
Gusto kitang kumutan..
Gusto kong magkasabay mapudpod ang ating mga tsinelas..
Gusto ko sa beywang mo ko hawakan..
Gusto kong lagyan ka ng sumbrero..
Gusto ko ang palad mo sa aking mga tenga..
Gusto kitang halikan habang nagkocomputer..
Gusto kong muling kabahan..
Gusto kitang idrawing..
Gusto kitang isulat.
Gusto kong sabihin..
Gusto kong panoorin natin ang langit..
Gusto ko..
Gusto ko tayo..
Gusto ko totoo ka..
Dahil hindi lang kita gusto..

What do you think boss Draft at LordRein? Pwede na po ba yan?
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