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Rentero Guild is looking for Scholars (Axie infinty)


Aug 20, 2019
RENTERO GUILD is looking for aspiring Axie infiny scholars!

Discrod link: https://dis_cord.gg/ZXxuwdQmnw (remove "_")

How to earn scholarship:

Applications are processed everyday now. Please read and follow the application instructions carefully:

Step 1 : React in 📌│scholar-guide so you can fill in the google form(everyone has one chance only, pls be serious)

Step 2 : Give your answer in 📚│google-form. We will review your score everyday, and if you got 8/10 in the question (question include guild rule, so pls read first), we will announce you 💁🏻│scholarship-info if you can go the next step.

Step 3 : Read the requirement carefully 📋│scholar-rules , if you break the rules we can't give your reward.

Step 4 : Open a ticket 🔖│ticket to get a test and when you pass the test we will give your QR code, then you can start, we will track you by bot, and warning you if you didn't get the daily target.
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