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Tutorial Ran Offline Private Server Tutorial 101

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Mar 25, 2015
This is an old tutorial of how to build your own offline server or private server of ran online
you must try atleast ep3 to ep6 for beginners,

the advanced method will posted soon, just follow my PHC Thread here!

for the files, just explore all my RAN OFFLINE SERVER FILES HERE ON PHC!

First download and install Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 Redistributable Package Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Ran Client Ran Server Extract Ran Client (Ex.: C: \ Program Files) Ran Server Extract Open Folder Ran Server with SQL 2005 Double Click RanLog1_2k5.sql when he did not open SQL, Click execute wait after analyze. Similarly do the RanShop1_2k5.sql nyo, RanUser1_2k5.sql, and RanGame1_2 k5.sql. Copy all data files in this folder ran client: glogic object skinobject gui skin effect map skeleton editor animation piece

... And paste the data folder server copy to the notepad: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ ODBC \ ODBC.INI] [HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ ODBC \ ODBC.INI \ ODBC Data Sources] "RanGame1" = "SQL Server" "RanLog" = "SQL Server" "RanShop" = "SQL Server" "RanUser" = "SQL Server" [HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ ODBC \ ODBC.INI \ RanGame1] "Driver" = "C: \ WINDOWS \ \ system32 \ \ sqlsrv32.dll" "Server" = "(local)" "Database" = "RanGame1" "LastUser" = "on" "Trusted_Connection" = "Yes"

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ ODBC \ ODBC.INI \ RanLog] "Driver" = "C: \ WINDOWS \ \ system32 \ \ sqlsrv32.dll" "Server" = "(local)" "Database" = "RanLog" "LastUser" = "on" "Trusted_Connection" = "Yes" [HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ ODBC \ ODBC.INI \ RanShop] "Driver" = "C: \ WINDOWS \ \ system32 \ \ sqlsrv32.dll" "Server" = "(local)" "LastUser" = "on" "Trusted_Connection" = "Yes" "Database" = "RanShop" [HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ ODBC \ ODBC.INI \ RanUser] "Driver" = "C: \ WINDOWS \ \ system32 \ \ sqlsrv32.dll" "Server" = "(local)" "LastUser" = "on" "Trusted_Connection" = "Yes" "Database" = "RanUser" and save as odbc2k3.reg Right Click then merge. Ran client open the folder and change the ip nyo param.ini and param.cfg (EtO du n set ip:, just replaced all Click Start, Settings, Control Panel, Performance and Maintenance. Click Adminis trative Tools then Data Sources (ODBC) ODBC Data Source Administrator User DSN Tab Configuring RanGame1 Server Name Change locally appearing just before you connec t to SQL (Ex.: NAME \ SQLEXPRESS not NAME / SQLEXPRESS) Finish then click OK. Similarly do the RanLog,RanShop and RanUser Open the SQL mgt studio,connect then expand the database, ranuser, table. server group you take a good look, then right click open table Just copy SGNum: 1 SGName: (anything) OdbcName: RanGame1 OdbcUserID: in OdbcPassword: 1234 OdbcLogName: RanLog OdbcLogUserID: in OdbcLogPassword: 1234 execute ServerInfo also done well just copy SGNum: 1 SvrNum: 1

SvrType: 4 execute UserInfo also done, you take care to input here packing the usertype 30 Username UserID UserPass UserPass2 Usertype: 30 execute GMCharEdit to open RanServer Folder Just copy nyo 'to: First field: RanUser Second field: in Third field: 1234 Fourth field: 1234 Right Click Ran Client Folder game.exe to send to then desktop nyo nyo Right Click game.exe Shortcuts on the desktop then properties add nyo lang target to: / app_run (Ex.: C: \ Documents and Settings \ Name \ Desktop \ RanOfflineClient \ game.exe "/ app_run) When all open ok yung folder and run RanServer 1SvrSession.exe, Click Start, wai t for server to start ok then the same can be done in 2SvrLogin.exe nyo, 2SvrFie ld.exe and 4SvrAgent.exe Game.exe double click the desktop and login!




Naastigan ako sa mga ganito na marunong gumawa private servers.dream ko dati matuto nito e.kaso Wala parin pc .
try ko pag nakapag pc ako lods.bisitahin ko thread mo bout sa R.O.never ko pa natry mag edit ng ganyan lods.mas ok parin laruin private server atlist dun meron ka ksama maglaro hehe.pati Rin pla Flyff lods nalaro ko na .nakalimutan ko name nun private servers?kaibigan ko owner ng servers na un .kaso sya Lang binibigyan ng magandang items dun .hahaha


nice salamat po try ko mag aral nito gusto ko gumawa ng sariling server eh for fun na dn saka may mga kalaro hirap humabol sa ibang mdming players mas ok yung new server

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