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Professora Akira

Oct 13, 2017
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📌Multiple filters​

The presets that application provides complete photo color filters for lightrooms on mobile. Maybe you are a photographer and also have some knowledge of lightroom presets. You also know that the preset is a feature through which it will record the photo’s parameters that you have customized. So our app has a ton of image quality parameters and is suitable for you. Use the in-app set of parameters to apply to your photos. And the application not only contains color filters for photos, but it also smooths skin, brightens frames, filters, … and many other customizations to make your photos perfect.

Our app is completely free, with over 100 trendy DNG settings and over 10 collections available for you to use. The application updates daily to catch up with the trend. Besides, it automatically installs into the lightroom on your phone.

📌Upgrade photo editing capabilities​

The Preset application comes with presets of filters with ρrémíùm colors, which you can use with Lightroom to edit and improve your images’ quality. The application will automatically set parameters such as shadows, highlights, environments, clarity… for you, or you can customize it to your liking. We have interesting and unique presets, such as the overcast mood that gives the photo depth as well as mysterious shadows. This setting is usually best for landscape shots. Light orange, maroon green are two presets used to apply a softer, more bright image. Vibrant actors, vibrant monsoons, pop-up colors are preset that is generally suitable for a wide variety of photos, highlighting and adding life to your photos. Try and choose a color scheme that suits your taste.

📌Create super products​

Apart from the pre-installed preset, the preset collections are also very nice and have received many compliments. Use the collections available in the app to improve your photo editing skills and create stunning photos with cool filters in the app. The available collections will always surprise you with the results it brings. In particular, the professional color collection and wedding photo collection are quite impressive when the colors are harmonious and not too blinding—experiment and feel which of the preset color collections impresses you the most.

📌Experience and feel​

Preset will be a great application giving you the best photo editing experience. Most people want to have beautiful pictures and sparkling colors to share on social networks.

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