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Android App Photo Translator (Mod Apk)version 8.5.4

Professora Akira

Oct 13, 2017
Photo Translator will give you the fastest and amazingly efficient image translation. The application will help you fully exploit your image and ensure all the most characteristic languages

📌Language detected​

The application is known for its unique ability to translate photos today. Users are even more overwhelmed with the unique ability to detect the target language. The ability to detect the target language eliminates the need for users to switch between languages as usual. The detection of the target language is to limit all risks in the translation process.

📌Turn your camera into translation tool​

Turning your camera into a fun translation tool is also the main focus of Photo Translator. Users can use it to translate anywhere, in any case. Just choose to translate the image; there are two ways for users to continue using it: instant translation and scanning. Each feature has a good one and from there develop many interesting points for users to explore.

📌Unlimited translation​

The remarkable point in this application is that users do not need to worry about the limit of the translation. It is possible that the application can translate a full page of text in a short time, but the quality is highly appreciated. Users can use it for any purpose, and from there, users can translate freely without worrying about limitations.

📌High translation Ability​

The application is highly appreciated for its delicate translation capabilities. The application will conduct translation on a case-by-case basis from its needs and purposes. More specifically, the application also helps you promote your language ability and provide the most delicate translations.

📌Content that matches your language​

The application’s attraction is the content that matches your language. Determining the correct source language will make translation more interesting. Because each language will have a different translation ability, choosing the right source language is very important. The content will be trimmed to give the most general idea possible.

📌Diversity of language of the Application​

The application is known for its multilingual feature, and users can simultaneously translate from one image to 2 to 3 different languages without worry. There are many languages used in this application to meet all the needs of the same people. Moreover, the application is also expanding the scale of the language.

📌Available image selection​

Users can immediately select the images in the collection for translation. The selection is straightforward, and users can customize the content they want to translate. Moreover, the application also accepts all your photos and conducts a quick translation within a certain period of time.
  • Language diversity is one of the special features that the application achieves to meet all users’ needs.
  • The ability to translate quickly and delicately is what each user demands very much in this application.
  • Users can immediately use the quick translation feature to get immediate results.
  • Selecting many photos in the gallery and translating, as usual, is also enjoyable.
  • Unlimited translation and unlimited languages are what you enjoy in this application.

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