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Forum Update:
  • Improved compatibility with upcoming PHP 7.1 release.
  • Add basic email typo detection for specific cases to reduce false positives with StopForumSpam checks.
  • Indicate when a StopForumSpam result is from a general blacklisting rather than specific reports.
  • Disable the rich text editor in Windows 10 Mobile Edge versions less than 14 due to problems using it.
  • Fix a situation where a user mention in a profile post was not displayed correctly.
  • Fix user mention matching being case sensitive for accented characters.
  • Fix a bug that caused transparent images may no longer be transparent after being resized.
  • Ensure that profile post comments are not search indexed when the containing profile post has been deleted.
  • Do not treat a "-" with spaces around it as a negation operator in searches.
  • Allow some DB methods to work with custom database adapters.
  • Do not show dismissed notices when the forum is closed.

Enhanced Search update:
  • Improve compatibility with the upcoming Elasticsearch 5 release.
  • Do not treat a "-" with spaces around it as a negation operator in searches.
  • Fix a situation where errors when indexing would be erroneously detected, causing a "no response" error to be logged.
Media Gallery updated:
  • Improved compatibility with upcoming PHP 7.1 release.
  • Improved the performance of marking large numbers of media as viewed.
  • Workaround a situation where MySQL's wait_timeout could prevent video transcoding from completing if set to a lower value.
  • Only rebuild thumbnails if we have the ability to resize them.
  • Hide some of the automatic watch settings if there is no permission to view categories or albums.
  • Change to ensure the descriptions are visible on the thumbnail items even if the title is not visible.

  • ImageMagick and Imagick PHP Updated
  • Nginx updated to version 1.11.3
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Forum Update:
  • Server-side request forgery (SSRF) security issue fixed.
  • Add several language code/locale options for pages.
  • Fix a situation where white space may not be maintained 100% when pasting code/pre-formatted into the rich text editor.
  • Add a 1000 user limit to ignoring to prevent potential errors.
  • Ensure that poll resetting/deleting is logged correctly.
  • Automatically adjust uploaded image extensions to match their type (rather than throwing an error).
  • Change NoCaptcha requests to POST to prevent a possible regular expression failure.
  • Fix an issue with automatic vendor prefixing in the CSS when using @supports.
  • Fix a timezone related issue when displaying stats output.
  • Adjust the meta description of member profiles to handle missing components better.

Media Gallery Update:
  • Implements better permission checks in the Media alert handler
  • Resolves an issue which could see a thumbnail not created for short videos
  • Media and album comment likes now displayed correctly in the ACP Stats

Server Update:

*** Nginx-1.11.3
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*** PHP 7.0.10
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*** Elasticsearch 2.3.5
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*** MariaDB 10.1.17
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Alert Improvements Update:
  • When viewing a user's profile page, mark any relevant alerts from that page as read.
  • Add a "mark all as read" link to the alerts page.
Instead of requiring knowledge of the non-documented "skip_mark_read" argument for the same functionality


Forum Update

This update fixes a number of bugs and issues. As this is a maintenance update, the vast majority of the focus was an increase in stability.

Notably, we have adjusted the exact procedure used for generating secure random data to adhere to current best practices.

Some of the changes include:
  • Workaround a Firefox bug where the Flash uploader shows as an opaque white box.
  • Support redirects in the image proxy and link title conversion process (while maintaining security).
  • Improve autolinking when there are special characters (brackets and similar) immediately after a URL.
  • Maintain ICC profiles when resizing with ImageMagick.
  • Add extra verification to quote alerts to ensure you only get an alert when the quote is attributed to you.
  • The "Facebook Open Graph Logo" style property is now simply "Open Graph Logo" to indicate that it's usage is more generic.
  • Fix an HTML error in editor dialogs.
  • Fix advanced background-repeat CSS being improperly converted to style property values.
  • Add multi-submission prevention to report commenting to prevent accidental double clicks.
  • Adjust the HTTP response code on malformed proxy output requests to a general 400 error to indicate the client sent a bad request.
  • Ensure that when files are dragged into the rich text editor, they are uploaded one by one rather than simultaneously.
  • Ensure that leading whitespace is maintained when pasting preformatted text into the rich text editor.

Media Gallery Update
  • Ensure video quota permissions are displayed on the Gallery Permissions page
  • Performance improvements to reduce query time in large galleries
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