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PHC SOTW # 4 - ANIME Theme

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Dec 7, 2012
Signature of the Week Contest No. 4
Signature of the Week Contest.
What is Signature of the Week Contest?
For those of you who don't know, SOTW or Signature of the Week Contest is a weekly graphic design contest. This contest is made for those who want to enhance their graphic skills, have fun, and win.
It is based on making a certain signature image with a specific theme based on the theme decided by the weekly contest host. The winner is then decided by a voting amongst members of the Forum.
This week's theme is
The signature you will make must follow the guidelines we have set. Here are the guidelines:
1. The signature must not be larger than 600 by 250 pixels.
2. The signature must not be bigger than 150.0 KB.
3. The signature must abide by the Phcorner Forum Guidelines.
4. The signature must abide by the theme set by the contest host, and must contain any required elements (text, brush, render, stock, etc.)
5. The signature must not be premade (i.e., done before the beginning of the SOTW. additional note, Renders are not considered premade)
6. All stocks, renders, brushes added to the main stock provided by the host must be posted or linked in the post. If you use many stock you must include them.
9. The entry's .PSD file should be included in the contestant's post for inspection.
10. The contestant must have at least 50 to 100 posts, and joined Phcorner 1 months before the contest.
11. It must have the following text: "phcorner.net", your "username", and any TEXT that has a great ASSOCIATION with the theme.
--Contestants are allowed to use other renders, vectors, or graphics as the focal (or main subject) for their entry, but the main stock must be of great influence to the entry and must be clearly seen by the viewers.
--Campaigning your entries in any form (Private Messaging, Posting, Shoutbox, etc)is not allowed in any manner within Phcorner.net Premises. Anyone caught will be automatically disqualified.
--On the other hand, those who will report anyone campaigning will be automatically disqualified.
-- Entries not in compliance with the required resources and guidelines will have their entries disqualified.
-- If you, in any case, need to edit your entry, please notify the contest host first before doing so. You are allowed three (3) number of edits only, after which you will not be allowed to edit your entry even if you notify the host. also kindly state on "reason for edit" the reason why you edited your entry
-- Once the submission of entry closes, the voting will start.
The Winner of the SOTW will receive a GFX award Medal.
Criteria for Judging: Will be posted once the Voting has started
Start- will start on May 17, 2013
End - will End on May 22, 2013 (18:00 +8 GMT)
- So you need to submit your entry and complete all the requirements on or beforeMay 22, 2013 (18:00 +8 GMT).
Any change of schedule will be accordingly stated.
. . . .
Discussion thread
For more information regarding the SOTW visit here --> Click Me
" WARNING: dont make unnecesarry post on this thread"



first time ko sumali. hehe​
to follow nalang po ang resources at psd file ko ;)
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