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Pet Owner Reminder!


Jul 20, 2019
Sharing this for awareness!

Sa mga balak or may owned na cats or dogs, please get them vaccinated (especially PCH Vaccine or vax for parvo virus). Ang taas po mortality rate ng virus na ito.
Not all of our cats are vaccinated dahil pinanganak sila sa during pandemic period (2020-2022). We have a total of 21 cats in the house (yes inside house cats lang sila and all males are already neutered and most of our kittens are adapted)
Unfortunately, FPV or Feline Panleukopenia Virus aka PARVO for cats was unknowingly carried into the household. Umalis kami papuntang Manila (stayed for 3 days) and meron naman cat sitter hired para sa kanila. Pagbalik namin we noticed isa sa mga pusa medyo sobrang matamlay kaya we immediately give him medicines (nematocide and doxycycline). Di pa kasi namin alam na FPV na pala yun dahil kumakain naman and umiinom (nagstart daw yun symptoms niya on the day umalis kami for Manila as per the cat sitter, kaya he was suffering for 3 days without help. He is our 1st survivor btw).

A day after, nagkasymptoms na pa isa2 yun mga cats namin so we decided to bring to the veterinary yun mga showing symptoms na cat for assesment (sa ibang vet kami napunta dahil hindi available yun usual na vet namin). They were diagnosed FPV positive and binigyan kami medicines na ipa inom sa kanila.

This 5 cats were home treated and on the evening we lost 2 4-month old cats and 1 10-month old cat so we contacted the usual veterinary clinic for an appointment (para sa lahat na cats na namin para din ma asses yun wala pang symptoms). Next day early morning while preparing them all papuntang vet, 1 of the cats (11 months old) also passed away. Also, while waiting for the veterinary doctor another 4-month old cat passed away.

The veterinary doctor assessed all remaining cats, 5 got admitted. Unfortunately, only 1 out of 5 got admitted survived.

A total of 9 cats passed away and 2 survivors. The other remaining cats were mostly adults and were previously vaccinated (na miss lang namin yun 2021 yearly vaccine nila due to travel restrictions) kaya binigyan lang sila ulit vaccine (3 session PCH).


fpv survivor.jpg

When people says "It's just a cat" they just don't understand.


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