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Dito po:
  1. Uninstall Previous Version Of KMSpico [If You Have Install It Already]
  2. Disable Your AntiVirus Software (This Is Important, Otherwise KMSpico Will Be Unable To Modify Windows Registry Entries That Activate Windows/MSoffice)
  3. Install KMSpico And Wait For KMSpico To Run Automatically [Run First : Uninstall_Service.cmd with admin rights.]
  4. (Optional) Create Tokens Backup W/the Button : Create
  5. Press The Red Button
  6. Close Client, Use Activation Key And Restart Your Unit
  7. Done.


PHC Robot
Dear raine14,

Since 2 years have passed since the last reply in this thread, I am locking it to prevent necroposting. Feel free to start a new thread or contact any forum staff if you want this to be reopened.

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