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How will you ease the transition of being an adolescent into becoming an ãdül†?

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The transitional stage from adolescent to adulthood of anyone can be challenging. I see that teenagers are feeling angry, ungrounded, over simulated and unprepared to these kind of transitional stage of their life. There are plenty of factors that clouds the teenager's cognitive mind and consciousness during this times. Their development can be affected by the societal norms, their families, peers, television, social media, hormones and and even the toxins on out diet. Nowadays, mental illnesses have been more acknowledge as a type of a disability. This social disability such as anxiety and depression commonly arise from the transitional stage of the teenagers.

So how can we help the teenagers realize that this stage in life is normal? And all people overcome and pass this stage.
We can help them by explaining to them that human have a different role in life.
Step-by-step explanation
In life change is the only constant thing. Even though we successfully and gracefully passed the adolescent to adulthood stage we still have to bare in our mind that our role in life requires a different us. Our role in our family for an example is a mother, we are required to take care and nourish the family. We must prepare a healthy food, clean the house, take care the children, walk them to school. But, outside the house we have also different roles. Mothers are also sisters to her siblings, she is also a friend and a companion, she is also part of the community and may have her own advocacies Each and everyone of us do not have only one role in life. We will meet a lot people in our life, these people have their own unique attitude and traits. And, we must adapt to this different traits to maintain a harmonize relationship with them.