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Referral New Platform same kay Leefire.


Apr 26, 2021
1. Register and install sengre and receive 150 ₱reward

2. Members can participate in 1000 ₱ cash activities, lucky draw to win mobile phone activities

3. Invite a subordinate to recharge and reward 150 ₱ commission

4. The minimum recharge is 500P, and the first recharge can receive 100 ₱-1000 ₱ rewards

5. The minimum wí†hdráwal amount is 800 ₱, 18% Tax, and the wí†hdráwal will arrive the next day

Register here:
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wí†hdráwal rules:

1. Minimum wí†hdráwal 800₱

2. Handling fee: 18%

3.0:00-0:00 wí†hdráwals all day, once a day

4. wí†hdráw money on the same day and arrive at the account tomorrow night at the latest

5. wí†hdráwal can only be made to the Gcash account, other accounts cannot be wí†hdráwn, sorry

6. A Sengre account can only be bound to one Gcash account

7. The minimum USDT wí†hdráwal is 20U (converted according to the latest real-time exchange rate)

Invest what you can afford to lose. Pwede rin naman di mag invest dito. Pero kung gusto niyo mabilis, then its up to you. Bago pa rin naman ang app kaya bilisan natin habang fresh pa. "High Risk, High Rewards".