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Sep 2, 2015

What is Playermon?​

Playermon is a game that integrates blockchain technology so players can have more control and absolute ownership over their assets. It has a play-to-earn model as well where players earn crypto and can convert them into real cash.

What is Playermon's Gameplay?​

This is a turn-based card gameplay system. All players need to form a team of Playermon. Each team consists of three Playermons. Pre-battle, players are required to choose 3 Playermons and position them strategically. The placement of Playermons can provide an advantage over the opponent, so place them wisely.The winner will gain SpaceGEM (SGEM) and the Playermons will gain experiences.

What is the basic information of the Token?​

Playermon has 1 billion PYM supply and has two tokens: PYM as the governance token and SGEM as the in-game token.

What is PYM Token?​

Governance token: $PYM Name: Playermon Token Symbol: $PYM Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)

Governance: Token holders will be able to shape and vote for the direction of the game universe.

Project Features: -Players can purchase eggs or Playermons in the marketplace -Players can upgrade and breed their Playermons -Players can purchase items to craft new items, and to build and upgrade their space colonial base. -Token holders can join the open-world planet to explore dungeons -Token holders can expand their space colonial base with community-built decorative game assets for future planet expansion. -Creators can mint their originally-designed game assets in the marketplace in future expansion. -Creators can list their originally-designed game assets in the marketplace. -Token holders will be able to stake the token to earn rewards in the future planet expansion.

What is SGEM Token?​

In-Game Reward Token: $SGEM Name: Space Gem Symbol: $SGEM Total Supply: Indefinite Utilities: SGEM can be used to purchase in-game services and items. SGEM will be used for upgrading and breeding Playermons. SGEM will be used for crafting and upgrading items. SGEM can be used in purchasing non-NFT in-game assets. Play-to-Earn Reward in completing quests Reward in completing missions Reward in defeating opponents Burning Mechanism Since SGEM has indefinite number of supply, a burning mechanism on every in-game activities and transactions will be applied to prevent its surplus in the game. More use cases for both $PYM and $SGEM will be added in the future.

At what ecosystem Playermon be launched?​

Playermon will launch on Polygon ecosystem.

Who are the founders of Playermon?​

Joseph FS Leng - Founder ,CEO

Joseph FS Leng is the key person in the company. He is the main architecture of the project and who started this project from scratch. He oversees overall project development and makes important decisions from marketing to overall project development. He has been in charge in new IP development.He is a 3D NFT artist

Dato’ Rayson Wong – Co-founder Dato’ Rayson Wong is an expert in technology development and incubation. During his close to two-decade working experience, he founded several companies such as Mediasoft Sdn bhd- it was the largest game studio in Malaysia, and Havson Group Berhad- it was Malaysia's largest VR production game studio in 2016. ‌As the president of the Malaysia Blockchain Association, he hopes that Blockchain technology will be promoted and used widely.

Marcus Leng – Co-founder
Marcus Leng is the founder and co-founder of multiple companies in Vietnam, India and Malaysia. He is the Chief Strategic Officer of Sailfish Group which is a Venture Builder platform. Moreover, He is an expert in investing in NFT and blockchain, he is currently leading a fund to invest in Metaverse, NFT and Blockchain.

BT Wong – Co-founder BT Wong is a blockchain enthusiast. He has been in the blockchain industry for more than five years and he is also an experienced investor in cryptocurrency. Additionally, he is also the director of Wonderbucks.

Jisheng Tan – Cofounder ,Chief Blockchain Officer of Playermon Jisheng Tan is a technology expert with diverse experience equipped under his belt. His passion for blockchain technology drives him to the pinnacle of the industry.He started as a blockchain developer in Trivechain Ltd and soon founded TriveAcademy to train and advise blockchain companies in Malaysia. Besides, he is the vice president of the Malaysia Blockchain Association in promoting the use of blockchain technology in Malaysia.

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You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now. - libre mon pag maaga ka nag register

kumpletos rekados na kaya magiging maganda outcome - evolve - breed - battle - earn
pwede ka din mag pa isko . wag ka mag pa huli register na lapit na mag lunch tong game na to


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