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Android App NetShare v1.99 APK + MOD (ρrémíùm Unlocked)

Professora Akira

Oct 13, 2017
NetShare is a free wifi router that allows you to share your connection with friends and block others. Depending on the device, you will need to use a different connection method, and remember to verify the setup before downloading.

-compatible for android 12
-create your hotspot in a simple way
-decide the information your wifi hotsport easily
-easily stablish connections between android apps
-change the address and proxy yo establish the connection

Creating a wifi router with your device owns many benefits:

  • You can easily create a connection similar to wifi to link and match many different devices.
  • After each connection is made, you will receive connection instructions that you need to follow.
  • Two Android devices can establish a connection quickly when both have the app installed.
  • The connection between different devices requires more operations when the connecting person needs to change the address and proxy accordingly.
  • In the new version of the application, you will find specific compatibility for Android 12, the latest operating system now.
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